My Heart on My Sleeve….

I have been inspired by a recent Facebook Article/Post that I saw a few weeks ago. It had pictures of people who tattooed quotes or important dates, people’s names etc. on the inside of their forearms. It reminded me of so many times writing quotes and mantras on the palm of my hand before in an … Continue reading

Drumroll Please…

Thank you so much to everyone for joining us in our search for the perfect Mantra for our new tee! We have exciting news! Yes…one person who entered WILL receive the $100 gift certificate! AND… Every one of you will be receiving a coupon code to not only purchase this tee at 40% off BUT … Continue reading

LBG WARRIOR Goes to Canada and Jenny’s Story

Live. Breathe. Grow is proud to announce that there will be a LBG Warrior Project Canada! Several events will be hosted in Newfoundland in support of this endeavor where tees will be available for purchase.  All proceeds (all profit after the cost of production) from these events’. T-shirt sales will be donated to a local … Continue reading

A True Warrior: The Chuck Harcourt Story

As most of you probably know by now LBG has launched it’s annual Pink Warrior Project in support of October and breast cancer awareness month. During the month of October we launch a special edition Pink “Warrior” tee shirt. We have decided to donate all of the proceeds from the Pink Warrior sales to a … Continue reading

Hello Again World….

Wow… has it been that long…really? It sure has! I have not yet even looked back to see the actual date of my last blog post. And I don’t think I’m gonna! Hello again everyone. Do you remember me? I have been taking a bit of a break from my online/social media self these days … Continue reading

Letting Go

According to yogic philosophy when we cling or attach ourselves to thoughts, fears, material items etc., we are only setting ourselves up for pain, loss and sorrow.  True happiness comes from within, not from seeking objects outside of ourselves.  Our attachment to material things, people, and experiences draws us away from freedom and connection to Self. … Continue reading

Enjoy Your Bacon….Shiitake Bacon That Is

Each week I look forward to the “dining” section in Wednesday’s NY Times Newspaper.  Its a terrific way of keeping on top of the NYC dining scene, gather some great recipes, check out some new ideas and spark up some creativity and inspiration.  Recently,  an article was featured on how plant based diets are becoming … Continue reading

Making the Seasonal Connection: Winter

  I will begin by saying that I am not particularly fond of the winter.  However, I must admit, this time of year I am very motivated, highly creative and much more introspective.  I find myself organizingeverything, enjoying nesting at home, getting clear on my intentions for the year and reading ALOT.  Usually more than one … Continue reading