Living In-Side Out

It seems to me that the majority of us could certainly benefit from developing a closer relationship with ourselves, our inner wisdom, our voice, our power, our strength. My writing comes from this place. I don’t give advice. I do not tell people who they should live their lives. I do not state facts. I write about things that come up in my life and themes that tend to come up in the lives of women I know and women I read about. I share experiences and provide strategies from my personal experience or research for tuning in to yourself in order to access a greater sense of peace and happiness. Although I will be the person initiating conversations….this blog will be strongest when others join in and we support each other during our quests for living the best life possible each day.

LIVING IN-SIDE OUT. This is a concept I came up with in grad school while doing my thesis research. It is basically about focusing more on our inner voice and personal strength to help guide us in our daily life. We life in a society that really focuses on finding the answers you seek in the questioning of others. We learn who we are, how we should be, feel, act etc through the constant bombardment of outside world messages. Living IN-SIDE OUT is not about completely ignoring anything that comes from the outside world…it is simply about developing a closer, more intimate relationship with yourself and recognizing that you are the leading expert in your own life…and the more we practice tuning in the better we become at being our own guiding light through dark situations and making decisions that are the best suited for our own personal path.

When I write about living from the inside out I am just basically talking about how we can reconnect to our inner voice and intuitive wisdom that resides within us and then use it to live a life that is directed by our true wishes, dreams and desires. Often that voice is barely heard through the static of the messages we receive from the outside world, if we hear it at all. Asking advice from other people often helps us to feel like we are weighing all of our options and perhaps someone else knows better than we do because they are not personally wrapped up in the situation. I feel that it is exactly because we are wrapped up in a situation that we ARE the best person to make a decision. Somewhere along the way we have lost trust in ourselves, we second and third guess our instincts and we are told by our world around us (especially as women) that we are too emotional and not able to look at the situation from a rational viewpoint.

Living IN-SIDE OUT is following your Women’s intuition – you all know what this is. No matter how many times it happens…we still have a tendency to ignore that little voice inside of us that gives us hints when something is not quite right. Then we talk ourselves out of listening because we can’t let someone down, or we tell ourselves we are just being picky, or we have to give it more of a chance, or it is not that bad, or we want to be the nice girl/woman/person and we are probably just overreacting, or we don’t know what is best for us – everyone else does. Whatever the reason – when we make a choice to ignore that voice and listen to what other people or the media or the world is telling us based on their objective uninformed point of view…we usually end up wishing we had gone with our gut feeling and lived IN-SIDE OUT instead of taking everything from the OUTSIDE-IN. I bet every woman reading this can relate to this. ***I feel the need to say here that I do not feel that outside information is bad. The outside world and our friends and family can provide us with amazing guidance and support in our times of need. The key is in striking the right balance between trusting ourselves and utilizing the support of others to make decisions that work the best for us.****

Living a life that is directed from within requires vigilance – some days we are better at it than others and that is ok. It requires being gentle with ourselves, understanding and patient – acknowledging that we are works in progress and celebrating our successes, however small they seem. Because truly caring for ourselves and honoring ourselves is the first basic step towards actually trusting our inner voice and opening up to all that we have to offer the world. I will leave you with my personal mantra:

Living IN-Side Out MANIFESTO…

Stand in your personal power and strength.

Honor your voice, that source of intuitive wisdom, like a beacon of light inside you.

Have the courage to believe that YOU are most qualified to decide how to live your own life.

Go inside to find your guide, then harness that energy to shine your light outward.

Be confident in who you are and tell the world


This is our company logo and signature t-shirt design for my new t-shirt company. The back of this t-shirt hosts the above Living IN-Side Out Manifesto.

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