LBG Announcement


In the spirit of this brand new year, it is with great excitement and  that we announce to some developments that have been in the works at Live. Breathe. Grow. during the month of January.

The cultivation of LBG began when co-founders, Nancy Buckle and Heather Dowd-Priel met last year at a yoga teacher training. As our friendship was forged it also branched out to include three additional women, Jack Gochal, Estrella Martins and Terra Pfund.  The connection that developed was so unique and powerful that we felt compelled to acknowledge it by referring to ourselves as “Star Sisters.”

From the start we shared visions, intentions and goals for our futures that seemed to be aligned in the stars. We knew we would all be working together in some capacity in the future. Without knowing what that future looked like, we promised one another unconditional support on whatever paths we each chose. As Star Sisters, we are dedicated and committed to supporting one another in realizing our dreams, whatever they may be.

Today, in honor of this commitment, we celebrate Heather Priel’s decision to leave her position with us as co-owner of LBG to follow her dream of owning and operating a yoga studio, My Om Town Yoga  located in Westfield, NJ with fellow Star Sister, Estrella Martins. In addition to this transition we are excited to announce that another Star Sister, Terra Pfund, will now be assuming co-ownership of Live. Breathe. Grow. with Nancy.

Terra has been practicing and living her yoga since 1999. She’s a yoga instructor, holistic health coach, avid writer and co-owner of 3 Healthy Chicks, LLC. Through health coaching, 3 Healthy Chicks inspire their clients to lead nutritious lives filled with yoga, art and advocacy. Terra is also the owner of a private women’s health practice, Sprouting Wellness. She has decided to take a hiatus from private health coaching through Sprouting Wellness, so she may dedicate her time and energy to LBG. Terra’s yoga, health coaching and life’s mission is to empower women to nurture their inner strength, balance and peace. Sharing in the spirit of the company, its message and philosophy, she will now continue her mission by bringing her energy and commitment to Live.Breathe.Grow.

Lead by our love and commitment to one another we are looking forward to what lies ahead for us as friends and fellow travelers on our Yogic Paths. Live. Breathe. Grow. is grateful that My Om Town Yoga will be retailing our inspirational t-shirt line and excited to contribute to the beautiful yoga studio as teachers and workshop facilitators. We will be working closely with each other and sharing many yoga classes, meals, laughs, tears and love for years to come.


Nancy Buckle

Terra Pfund

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