Today I would like to write about honoring ourselves. Loving and respecting ourselves; our bodies, our abilities, what we offer to the world…because it is A LOT! Something I am reminded of again and again as a woman, interacting with other women in the world, is that we spend so much time loving and nurturing others that we end up last on the list and therefore we just get the scraps….if anything at all. Well today I would like us all to move ourselves up to the top of that list for a few moments and take time out to honor who we are and all that we bring to the world. Sit with it, love it, cherish it.

How about writing a letter to yourself using the words, thoughts, expressions that you have used when honoring other people in your life that we rarely reserve for ourselves. Not easy for a lot of us. I have had a lot of practice over the past few years working with young girls and helping them do the same thing. They would tell me – “but everyone will think I am conceited or full of myself”. Why did we have to get so humble at some point that we can’t even give ourselves praise for the things we do and the people we are? And why does the social pressure exist to keep our acknowledgement and appreciation for ourselves in check? Shouldn’t we be SO happy for others who can love themselves? Isn’t it something we strive towards because we know it feels so good. Why then, shouldn’t we support each others quest for that happiness?

These are rhetorical questions really because we all know the answers… it is much more difficult to appreciate it for other people when we are not feeling that way? Our ego gets in the way. It is so much easier to be happy for others when we are happy. So let’s get happy with ourselves. Get what I am saying? Here I go…

Dear Self,

I wanted to take some time this morning to really tell you how much I respect and appreciate you. I know in the busy-ness of life I often forget and sometimes even criticize you and I am sorry for that. I really do believe that you are such an amazing and strong woman. You have been through so much in your life and no matter what comes your way you figure out how to turn it into a positive and blaze right through the tough stuff.

You spend a lot of time truly caring for the people in your life and have learned in recent years how to do that in a healthy way and not lose yourself in it. You are a great friend and the people who meet you feel your kindness and love. You are always striving to make life better for yourself and the people around you.

I especially love how you have started to transform your spirit through your commitment to yoga. It has really been amazing and you can do things now that you never thought possible before. I really love being with you now because you have faith in people again and you have found peace and forgiveness with those who hurt you and that was a really big step that was necessary for you to start living out loud again.

Thank you for being you and I look forward to the next 70 years (haha) with you!



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