Balance, Love, and Yoga

Through our long journey on this earth we are faced with mountains to climb, hurdles to clear, and cross roads that will lead us down one path or another. We’ll walk tightropes through careers and bend over backwards to get our families, and loved ones, onto their proper paths… and through all of this, we are to remain perfectly balanced in order to not go crazy with the chaos of life.

Balance will make that tightrope seem like a wide pathway. Balance will keep you flexible, inside and out. However, in order to have and keep balance you must dive inside and tap into yourself- into your strength.

In my lifetime I have faced, and lived through, more pain than one heart should ever endure, yet today I sit in full gratitude of my life and where it has lead me.

For with out the bitter hurt, happiness wouldn’t taste so sweet; with out the broken heartedness, feeling strong and whole wouldn’t be so empowering; and with out the loss, all that I have gained might be in vein.

So, while there were years when I thought that life-and everything with it-was against me, I was trudging through the most valuable of lessons that would leave me the blissful woman I am today.

For all of this and more, I am humbled and full of gratitude.

As I get older and look back from where I’ve come, I realize that were it not for my inner balance, there may not be these blissful moments full of gracious love.

I found yoga at the age of 29, through the most dearest of friends helping me cope with the loss of my mother.  For the girl who danced her whole life (in the most traditional of styles) yoga was a completely new concept for my body-and even more so, my soul.  I joined Terra for a gentle practice in a quiet dimly lit studio in my home town. Trying to keep an open mind I went with my borrowed mat, and figured anything would be better than the zombie person I’d become.

As I followed, and stretched, and breathed into all the pain that had been taking up residence in my broken down heart, I felt relief- with each exhaled breath.  Life, and love, began to replace pain, and I left that class with hope- leaving the despair and exhaustion on the mat.  With each class I attended, I would leave the sweat and tears behind, walking out with love beaming from my soul.

I was finally regaining my inner balance.

  My favorite part of yoga is that in that class and in that moment we are healing, and evolving, and learning to trust ourselves once again. Soon that trust is met with love, and reflecting on the past doesn’t hurt- it teaches.

I love that I can work through my own hang ups, and push myself to BE only in that moment, to BE right there-right then on my mat. Yoga is not a place of judgment, its a time for healing and for letting go.  Its so mind blowing to me that our ability to heal ourselves lies inside waiting for us to trust and believe that we deserve to be happy.

We are perfectly capable of taking on everything that the universe will throw at us; and we can make soul nourishing smoothies out of the fruits from our lessons learned.  I sit amazed, while reflecting on my past, at the super-girl I’ve become. Balanced, full of love, and ready to leap those mountains in a single bound-I am forever grateful for all life has offered to me.

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