30 Day (hot) Yoga Challenge

Live. Breathe. Grow. is embarking on a 30 Day (Hot) Yoga Challenge, starting November 1st. Nancy and I are challenging ourselves to 30 days of hot yoga and we’ll be blogging about all our adventures along the way. I will be testing the waters at Hot & Soul Yoga in Red Bank and Nancy will be heading to Hot Yoga Revolution in Garwood, and we’ll both be getting our hot yoga on with Amy at Power Flow Yoga in Livingston.

Are you up for a challenge?  You should join us!

Before you get nervous… as with everything we do in life… it is not all or nothing… it is all about putting the challenge out there to make a commitment to do our best and see how it all plays out.

Maybe your 30 Day Challenge is to incorporate Hot Yoga into your routine twice a week not every day. Maybe you already belong to a hot studio or a studio that offers hot yoga and you want to jump on board with us for the support of committing to a Hot Practice. Maybe you are brand new to Hot Yoga or never tried before and you have been waiting for an opportunity to try it out.  Wherever you are with it, is perfect for you.


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