Bring it On…. Nancy’s 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge!

Well the time is coming…only 1 full day left before it is time to commit to our 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge!

This will be me in 30 days!

Such an exciting idea when Terra first came up with it. Today – I am still excited, but it is mixed with a little bit of nervousness. I am not really nervous about whether or not I can commit… I am actually nervous that my body will not make it physically. See I LOVE hot yoga – it is the one thing that has allowed me to make peace with winter in recent years. YES…I am from Canada and I dislike the snow, the cold weather and winter in general very much. As much as I love my home country I don’t think I ever really made a very good Canadian, because of this and my dislike for Hockey…haha…probably because it has to do with all of the above.

So, I absolutely love the heat of a hot yoga class during winter months. I get happy just walking into that 104 degree room. I start to warm up and get into the practice and I feel like i can do things that I can never do in a regular yoga class because my muscles are warmed up and I can go deeper into each pose. What I love most is also what concerns me the most because so often it has happened that in the heated bliss of my hot class I will go a little too deep and a little too far into the pose and end up with a pulled muscle or strained something or other. MY challenge is staying within a reasonable range of motion even though I may be able to go further. This is what I am most concerned about and this will be the most difficult part of the challenge for me.

I will have to keep reminding myself that it is a marathon – not a sprint! I am in it for the long haul. I want to stay strong throughout the entire month and the way to do it is to be moderate with myself and my practice.

I am excited to re-commit myself to my practice in a big way through this challenge. I have been in need of “going inside to find my guide”. My days recently have been busy buys busy. I have been a human doing…not a human “being”. Hot Yoga is really the best meditative practice I have found – the breath is so so important and the heat wipes your mind clear of anything that was jumbled up in there prior to walking into that room. I lose myself in my hot practice and when I come out I feel like I am a sponge that has been wrung out and filled back up with fresh clean water! My skin feels amazing, my energy is through the roof and I feel stronger…physically and mentally.

Hmmm…goals…? I will have to be diligent this month in order to set myself up for success. Some of the things I will be doing:

  1. Pack my bag the night before class – I have to be prepared with a change of clothes after class so I do not go out into the cold with wet clothes.
  2. Keep up with my Laundry – Hot Yoga = lots of laundry and since I do not have an unlimited supply of yoga clothes this will be important to keep me on track.
  3. Replenish fluids and sustenance after class – I have low blood sugar so it will be imperative for me to replenish within 20-30 minutes after my class has ended to avoid crashing a few hours later.
  4. Go to as many morning classes as possible – I know my energy cycles throughout the day. Morning is my time. By evening I am tapped out and I will want to find any excuse in the world not to go out in the cold to do a yoga class (funny enough – my first class to kick off the challenge is a 7:45pm class…haha)
  5. Attend a variety of classes I love – I will be practicing at Hot Yoga Revolution in Garwood and Powerflow Yoga in Livingston. These are two of my favorite Hot Studios and they both have a variety of classes that I am excited to take.

Well that is about all for now… the next time you hear from me hopefully I will be a lean mean hot yoga machine!


2 thoughts on “Bring it On…. Nancy’s 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge!

  1. I miss going to Yoga. This article has inspired me to pick up my mat again. You’re right abt getting in as many morning classes as poss. I get more and more creative with my excuses every evening so as not to go to class.

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