Nancy: Day 1

Right about now I am remembering why I don’t often practice hot yoga at night! I get so much energy I cannot get to sleep. So hello everyone – Day 1 of the challenge has now come and is almost gone. Tonight a few of us kicked off the challenge together at Hot Yoga Revolution in Garwood, NJ. The class of choice was a beginner class with a teacher we know and like, Erica Jung. Well it has been a loooong time since I took a beginner class…for good reason it turns out… they are tough!! Does that sound funny coming from a yoga teacher who has been practicing for 13 years?

It was the perfect way to begin! Getting back to basics. Settling into Warrior I and Warrior II like it was my job…it felt like a job tonight. And then when you are settling in your mind starts to get a life of it’s own. No getting lost in the breath for a meditative flow… all the time in the world to think about the burning in my thigh, what I was going to eat after class, how I would be doing this all over again in 12 hours when I take class in the morning.

I also realized how much different my body is at night compared to my regular morning practice. Holding a heck of a lot more tension from the day. Wound up tight and it took a lot longer to unravel. And the final circumstance that played a role in how my body and mind showed up for class today was that I have a really weird throat/sinus thing going on that is causing pain and strain when I am inverted or twist my neck a certain way. It is very odd and at the beginning of the class my head felt like a bag of bowling balls.

That all being said… It felt great to be there to practice with my friends Terra Pfund and Shelley Lamberta. I felt a sense of solidarity in the perfectly imperfect mental and physical practice we each experienced tonight. I ended the class with a strong sense of things being exactly how they were supposed to be. And on my way home I called my husband to tell him he is going to be the happiest man in the world for the month of November if the natural yoga high I am feeling sticks around… no doubt it will. All of you yogis can relate to the fact that we are just nicer people when we are practicing our yoga. We are better wives, husbands, friends, co-workers etc. Things roll off our backs a little easier, we don’t take things so personally, we smile more and we have a greater general sense of gratitude.

The highlight of my class/day: Purchasing my much anticipated Jade Yoga Mat. I already
owned a Jade mat…however it was not in my coveted color of orange. I have wanted an orange mat for a few years and thought there was no better time to finally get it than kickstarting my Hot Yoga Challenge!

SO for today I am loving Day One of the LBG Hot Yoga Challenge.

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