Nancy: Day 6…some realizations!

Hello Everyone! Guess what? It’s Day 6 and I am still here! Doesn’t sound that impressive? Well my hamstrings and shoulders beg to differ! It’s been an interesting week…full of ups and down. I am going to start this blog by just putting it out there – my big lesson that I learned this week…loud and clear. You can always find time to practice yoga! If I ever use the excuse, “I am just too busy, I can’t fit it in”, again in my life as it pertains to my yoga practice: I will be lying. Lying to myself (and by extension, lying to whoever I am speaking with).

When I was in my twenties I spent several years as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor and every day it was my job to help people learn that there is always time for exercise and when we do it – we feel better and actually get more done. Yet… here I have been, for the past 3 months, saying “I can’t…I can’t…I can’t” Shame on me! This week has been one of the busiest months in LBG history. We were co-ordinating the printing of our new fall line which we received on Friday, we were planning, shopping, setting up and cooking for our 1st Year Anniversary Party Saturday night, we were visiting our 18 yoga studios to wrap up the Pink Warrior Project and in between those things we were teaching yoga and doing all of our every day activities. AND WE STILL MADE IT TO YOGA EVERY DAY!!!!

In fact, yesterday morning when I woke up exhausted and filled with aches and pains I wanted to blame it on practicing hot yoga so many days in a row… my head even wanted to use it as a reason why I shouldn’t go. Have you ever noticed how you can collect evidence to support any argument you want to make! That was me yesterday morning. BUT…I committed to this challenge and one thing I am not is a quitter… so I got myself up at 7:30am and headed out the door…dreading going to the mat! I don’t think I have to tell you that my class was amazing and blissful and I loved every minute of it right? And it gave me the energy and the mind set to attack my day of busy busy event prep! Well I am telling you anyway! It was and it did!

SO now that I have relearned something for the millionth time… maybe this time it will stick? Maybe this time I will dig deep and be honest with myself and turn the words “I can’t”… into “I am choosing not to” because after all everything we do and do not do is a choice. And to be honest I think it is perfectly ok to say “I am choosing not to do this”. Sometimes I think we feel that the world does not provide an accepting space for us to say that…and maybe that is why we feel we have to make excuses and convince ourselves that it is not within our control. That feels a little safer, a little less like a failure or a flaw. I think my lesson this week is to own my choice and not to cop out to saying I am “powerless”. After all…the LBG Manifesto says “stand in your personal power and strength”… maybe sometimes standing in your power means standing in the truth of your decision to not do something that you probably should. Stand up and own it – be authentic with it…and move on!

This week I AM PROUD that I chose to make my emotional, physical and mental health a priority by committing to my practice. I hope that I continue to make that choice, however I really hope that when I don’t…that I will be honest with myself and own that choice too!

Now this post is getting to be very long and I have not even told you about my week of practice…the yoga studios, the teachers, the people I have met…hmmmm I think I will continue all of those things in a second post… stay tuned!



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