Sweat and Purge- My first Hot Yoga experience

I didn’t jump into the 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge with our ever powerful yoginis, Terra and Nancy, but I am going to share my first Hot Yoga experience (which was actually a challenge to get me to).  I’ve been practicing yoga off and on for about 4 years, yet I still consider myself to be a beginner since my practice is more “a class here, and a class there” rather than a strong weekly practice. This is something I am working hard to remedy, because the power of yoga is so strong in healing, empowering, and balancing every particle of my being.

This blog was originally posted in my Organizta blog, as not only do I work with the inspiring ladies of LBG, but I also professionally organize lives (homes and offices) to reduce stress and cluttered minds. So while I didn’t, and am probably not going to make 30 days of hot yoga, my big challenge was making it to and through my very first class…the rest just seemed to fall into place naturally.

Don’t be afraid of Hot Yoga, it sounds much more intimidating than it is. 😉

The past few months in this Organizta’s life have been hectic, chaotic, and there has been some personal turmoil-certainly not the recipe for an Organized life or a Peaceful mind. I have been struggling with how to balance emotions with a positive attitude, and up until this week I was on the losing end of the struggle.

Helping others on their path is so rewarding, however I haven’t stopped to realize how taxing it’s been. I haven’t been taking care of my personal well being or giving myself the time of day to just “be”. Possessing the gift of giving myself, my time, and my love has always been rewarding in my life- but when I don’t take the time to replenish the giving of all these things I am left  emotionally drained.

A very dear friend passed along some second hand wisdom that resonated inside me and really got my wheels turning: “you’re prostituting your gift”

A harsh word to use, however I’m not always receptive to sugar coated fluff advice- somehow she knew this was exactly what I needed to hear.

It is time to get back to the balance I preach about, for with out balance I am a wobbly mess.

Last night I took my very first hot yoga class at Hot Yoga Revolution (www.hotyogarevolution.com) in Garwood, NJ. I’m not going to lie, I went in thinking “I am totally going to hate this experience so I may as well just get it over with.” Not really the open mind that I normally carry through my day to day life- proving to me again that I am indeed in need of some serious alignment in my soul.

I walked into this intensely humid classroom not knowing what to expect, luckily I had two super hero friends (Terra and Nancy) supporting me in this first intense experience. I was met with smiles from strangers and found out quickly that I was not the only hot yoga noob in the room “oh thank God!!”.  So down I sat on my mat and tried to prepare my very cluttered, disorganized, and stressed out mind for what I wasn’t sure. My sweet sister friend Terra looked over to me, knowing my hesitation of this class, and said gently “your goal for this class is to just make it through”.  She had no idea how profound her words were in that moment- because these days my goal in life has been “just make it through” the day, week, moment, month. I know I’ve been through worse and made it out on the other side, but  lately I’ve been feeling like my little happy universe bubble has been punctured and all this uneasy energy is swallowing me whole.

Nothing left to do but purge purge purge.

About twenty minutes into this hot class my mind was blank, because really what else can you think about in a hot yoga class other than how much you’re sweating… your everything off. I felt like every pore in my body opened up and purged out some sort of toxic energy that had taken up residence in me- I listened to the seemingly perfect instructor’s words and flowed through my practice setting my intentions very specifically “you are stronger than the junk that clouds your mind-thank you, body mind and soul for getting me this far and I promise to give back each day the love and strength you’ve shown me”.

I struggled through this class, as I have been struggling each day in my personal life, the difference was that I was feeling rewarded, stronger, and as though my love light was beaming out of my unbelievably sweaty chest.

There was a portion of the class where we did some balance poses- I thought “I totally have this, I’m a balance goddess- all those years of ballet have prepared me for these effortless one footed stances” – and as I gently flowed into my Tree Pose I faltered, I swayed and I wasn’t balanced at all. So I placed my foot down, grounding myself strongly into my mat, and tried again. Again I teetered. All I could feel was my heart pumping SO hard and the sweat of my body rolling down from every pore- In this moment I realized that no matter how much we have practiced balance in our lives there will always be distractions, and right then my biggest distraction was myself. No excuses, I am standing in my own way.

I left class so eternally grateful for my ability to just make it through, and I did so much more than that, I made it through with purpose, and intention, and realization.

May the light in you light your path with love, purpose, and intention.

Thank you for the space and time to share in my lessons.


the Organizta


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