Cup of Tea with Your Thoughts

We all know we choose our thoughts right? Ok – I know that sometimes it feels like they choose us. But we actually DO have the power to choose our thoughts. We can invite them in or lock the door and keep them out. If we think of our mind like a house – our house…we want to keep good company around us in our homes right? We wouldn’t willingly choose to invite someone over for an afternoon if they were  going to spend their time tearing us down and stressing us out?

I like thing about “keeping good company in my mind”.  I picture having a cup of tea with my thoughts. Invite someone in to the home of my mind and welcome them with a cup of tea. Having a cup of tea with someone is a personal and peaceful ritual to me. Growing up in Newfoundland, Canada (all Newfies reading this will know), that is what we do…we go over to each others house for tea and sit and chat and spend quality time together. So if I want to welcome positive, empowering, encouraging, hopeful thoughts into my mind and my life I will invite them in for a nice cup of tea so they will sit and stay a while.

I have had several conversations with people recently who are feeling that they are at the mercy of their stressful, negative thoughts. We have all been there. It may seem so instantaneous, consistent and/or overwhelming that we feel powerless to stand up against it. I can sit here and write inspirational words and say we have the power to change our minds or choose positive thoughts, you have to take control…etc etc. But is it not actually EASY or we would all be doing it all the time. How do we get from A to B? How does that process take place when you are being bombarded with stress, frustration and/or worry?

For me…I know when my mind goes for a jog on the hamster wheel of negative thoughts I literally have to say “STOP” – sometimes just in my head and sometimes out loud…in order to break the loop. I reassure myself that it is normal to have a difficult time thinking about it but I must be aware of it when it starts and cut it off when I can and that will help and eventually with time it happens less and less – until the thoughts get tired of the fight and give up and take up house elsewhere. It takes patience and persistence because it doesn’t happen overnight.

Once you start invoking more and more peaceful and positive thoughts your mind builds up strength and resistance to the negative ones and you are better prepared to push them aside. Now you are prepared to sit down and have your cup of tea with “Peace”, “Love”, “Happiness” and whoever else is showing up to your tea party!

Share with us the strategies you use to banish the negative thoughts and invite loving positive ones in to replace them!

We would love to hear!

One thought on “Cup of Tea with Your Thoughts

  1. When negative thoughts come to my mind, I have to consciously tell myself to stop and replace them with positive ones. I do this by looking around for something that will make me happy and put a smile on my face. I also use my imagination and try to create a positive thought. It’s funny how the bad thoughts arise so effortlessly while the good thoughts are usually only the results of our efforts.

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