INspiration Nation Community Spotlight

Erica Jung, E-RTY 500
Owner: Trepta Yoga, Far Hills, NJ 

LBG first crossed paths with Erica Jung in November 2011 when we embarked on our 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge. We were introduced to her by LBG Ambassador, Amy Witmyer at Powerflow Yoga in Livingston. Two days later we were students in yet another one of Erica’s hot classes at Hot Yoga Revolution.

We were immediately drawn into her infectious smile and the lightheardedness of her classes. Erica’s classes truly express her joyful spirit and blend her love and knowledge of yogic philosophy and alignment with humor.

LBG: What’s new and good?

EJ: Harmeless Harvest Coconut Water. I’m OBSESSED. It’s raw cocount and is eco friendly, and the taste is unprecedented. I’ve had a lot of fresh coconuts in Asia and so far no other company has come close to tasing like the real thing. And I LOVE that it is kind to the environment in its production.  

Ukon No Chikara is this awesome product from Japan that’s making its ay here to the States. It’s all natural with its main ingredient being Tumeric. It’s a fantastic for a natural energy boost as well as counteracting a night of drinking. Definitely something you want to keep in your wallet. 

LBG: What’s turning you on these days?

EJ: The growing community of men joining yoga! I’m so excited by the fact than an increasing amount of men are realizing the expansive benefits of yoga and are leaving their suits and stress behind to hit the mat. It’s so exciting to see social stereotypes being broken, and yoga being truly enjoyed by all. 

LBG: Anything getting in your way?  

EJ: Unfortunately, sometimes myself. I put a lot of pressure on myself and try to uphold myself to the highest standards, which can backfire sometimes. In fact part of my journey right now is working through that and focusing on what I do have and have achieved rather than looking at what I have yet to accomplish. A friend recently told me “walk only halfway to the wall.” It’s a learning process but it’s hard to reign in when  your choming at the bit for more. 

LBG: What teacher or trainings has had the biggest influence on you and why? 

EJ: This is a hard one! I’ve been blessed with some incredible teachers and inspirations. If I HAD to choose one I’d say my yogicharya Lalit Kumar in India. He really ignited my fire for yoga and it’s teachings and showed me how profound it really is. Learning in India was such an experience and gave me a first hand view on yoga is ingrained in every aspect of the people’s lives, regardless of class. It also gave me the space to truly experience detachment. Living in a cocohut with various creatures, having dirt stained feet and cold showers will do that! I learned to let go like I never have before, which made me appreciate the things I did have THAT much more. I still laugh and marvel with fellow students on how an egg will never be the same. We literally had the same meal of fruit and porridge every morning till about the last week when there were hard boiled eggs and everyone exploded with joy. Eggs will never be the same and I’m grateful for that! 🙂 

LBG: What’s your sadhana (daily practice) like? 

EJ: It appears in different forms. I’m blessed that I am able to have a daily asana practice and I try to touch upon as much of the other eight limbs daily and infuse them into my daily actions towards others as well as myself

LBG: Are there poses you love to hang out in and others you avoid? What and why?

EJ: I’m an arm balance and inversion junkie right now, so I love playing with those. Lately in my practice I haven’t given as much love to the seated positions, but that changes as I grow. 

 LBG: How do you keep your practice fresh?

EJ: I try to switch the sequencing and transitions between them. Finding different and interesting was to flow from asana to asana is something I really enjoy. Also finding a new focus for each class helps keep it new and interesting to me. 

LBG: What INspires you and how do you bring that INspiration to your teaching? 

EJ: The students INspire me! Meeting new faces and seeing their stories serves for my inspiration. Whether its the tentative new student or the experienced yogi, I try to incorporate the elements of what drives them and also what scares them to the table. Always encouraging the deepening of the practice and breaking of boundaries. 

LBG: What’s in your Ipod right now? 

EJ: My Ipod is INSANE! lol! It’s all over the place! My music taste change with my mood and I’m always looking for fresh sounds. Right now I’m LOVING Ellie Goulding and the Black Keys. I’m also very much into Kirtan. Jai Uttal’s Hey Ma Durga induces tears in me, literally. Luckily you can disguise it as sweat. 

LBG: Finally, how do you Live, Breathe, Grow? 

EJ: I live trying ot experience all that life has to offer. I breathe every moment in, never trying to sweat the small stuff, and I grow with every experience, encounter and emotion. It all intertwines together to make a beautiful story called life and I wouldnt change a bit of it. 

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