5 Secrets of Contentment

How do you feel about people who knock on your door with the briefcases in their hand and dressed in their “Sunday Best”? Knowing they are here to talk to you about the bible and Jesus and the WatchTower Magazine they want to give you. Forgive me for saying so…but generally I don’t answer my door. I am not into it and would rather avoid then to have to tell them to please leave me be.

I was taken by surprise today because I live on the second floor of my building and I receive UPS deliveries a few times a week – so when the doorbell rang I hustled down to greet my UPS buddy, searching my memory to see what it could be today. When I opened the door, there she stood, happy and eager to talk to me, she actually seemed baffled and grateful that someone had opened the door at all.

So many choices on how to handle the situation that lay before me. I decided to be friendly and hospitable. I even took one of her magazines that she was giving out. You see, at the end of the day, what would it hurt me? It took less than 5 minutes of my time. I had a friendly chat, politely let her know that I did not have any interest in having a bible in my home and went back to my business. She was a lucky lady today – had my husband been home and answered the door she would have had an entirely different experience. He is a friendly person, but I think, like so many people, a switch gets flipped when someone knocks on our door selling “God”.

I have taken these magazines from people many times over the years – not once reading the contents. Today I was curious…. I opened it up and decided to read the headlines.

This is how they read:

Five Secrets of Contentment

  1. Love People, Not Money and Possessions
  2. Resist the Urge to Compare Yourself with Others
  3. Maintain an Appreciative Attitude
  4. Choose Your Friends Wisely
  5. Satisfy Your Spiritual Need

Based on these headlines this looks like something I could have written myself – daily reflections on living a life that I love, on working towards gratitude and peace. The delivery of the message, however different, serves a purpose for the many many people who are searching for this. The delivery system is different – but the intention in the same.

So although I cannot read past the headlines because it speaks to the reader using language that does not fulfill or inspire me personally…I am taken to a place where I am reminded that when you chip away our identifiers and labels… and we are more similar than we are different. I believe there is strength in community… and today I am reminded of how large my community is: GLOBAL!

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