Quirks and All

Guest Post from new INspiration Nation Blogger Taraleigh Weathers


If You Are Brave Enough to Be Your True Authentic Self (Quirks and All) People Will Still Like You (Quirks and All)

…and if they don’t, they never really liked you

Hey ladies!  I’m Taraleigh from Hot Healthy Love and I am so honored to be a part of INspiration Nation as your Love Blogger.  I am going to start off by sharing that I love you.  I love you for who you are quirks and all.  I also love myself for who I am quirks and all…and I’ve got a lot of quirks.  For example, when I go to weddings I start dancing like Elaine from Seinfeld and I don’t even realize it.  I was a professional dancer and somehow when I stop paying attention that is my go to move.  I am really as happy as I seem.  When I go to a restaurant that serves soup I always ask for a combination of the soups they offer even if it doesn’t really work.  When I walk down the street I sometimes break out in dance.  When I cook, food goes everywhere.  I sometimes sleep in my clothes including sequins, tights and sometimes even my boots.  When I get dressed I put on many outfits and usually end up wearing the first one I put on.  I forget to wear deodorant sometimes and smell super saucy.  The reason I am sharing all my quirkiness with you is that I own the fact that those quirks are part of who I am and if you love me…then you love me.  If you don’t, that’s ok.  Nothing personal.

Hot Healthy Love with Taraleigh Weathers


When I was a young lady I was totally in love with this guy that didn’t love me back the same way.  I would do anything for this guy to love me back.  That meant I would do things that weren’t true to my authentic self because he obviously didn’t love the real me. I thought if I could create a version of myself he would love I thought, “ok, that will work.”  I remember one night, canceling plans with friends because this guy told me we were going to hang out.  I waited by the phone all night waiting for it to ring and it never did.  I was a bad friend to my friends by canceling on them last minute because I was hoping that maybe just maybe this guy would call me and he would love me finally.  I did this to myself over and over again.  I would wear clothes I thought he would like.  I would act in a way I thought he would like.  The one thing I was forgetting…I wasn’t doing things in a way that I would like.  It’s not personal that he didn’t love me and that’s ok, but I didn’t realize that at the time.

My next serious relationship I didn’t do much better.  It was a crazy, dramatic, abusive relationship.  This guy hated all of my quirks even though he pretended to like them at first.  He told me I lived in a world of fairies and pixie dust.  Looking back at it now, I don’t see that as an insult, but I totally did then.  I tried to suppress my quirkiness to make him happy.  Guess what?  It didn’t work and I wasn’t happy.  He would say things like, “No one will ever love you the way I do” and “You could never be with someone as smart or good looking as me,” and for some reason I believed it.  Then one day it clicked. I realized I would rather be alone and that I could love myself way more than he was loving me.  So I left.

Eventually I realized one of the keys to finding love.  I had to love myself, quirks and all.  My happiness didn’t depend on anyone else’s.  My happiness depended on me.   How freeing is that?  When you are YOU in all of your crazy freaky beautiful glory then when you meet someone, he is going to love you for you.  You also don’t feel like you have to be in a relationship to be happy which allows you to choose to be with someone because you want to be around them.  So I challenge you ladies.  Be you in all of your glory and you will find someone who loves you for your, quirks and all!


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5 thoughts on “Quirks and All

  1. Love this blog post Taraleigh! I think it is something that every woman can relate to, whether they currently are figuring it out or living in that place, struggling to love all of their quirks. I remember my twenties well in that regard and feel so much more free to be me in my 30’s. I Love Who I Am and am true to myself in love and in friendships! Thanks for this blog!

  2. Hey Taraleigh!
    I love this gig you’ve got going on~ it is indeed H-O-T! and I love that you’re talking about being authentic cause my lover and I just had a “reshuffling of our deck” date last night and that is where we get in a place where there are no distractions and sit face to face and each of us shows up and amplifies our quirks and freakiness within ourselves and what we see in each other-
    This way if there is any heavy air between us, we find it, look at it, acknowledge it and embrace it!
    Cause that’s where the juice is in each one of us….in our freak factor, our quirks, and all the things we may have been told make us weird or different- Those are our shiny bits and they look oh so hot on us when we wear then unapologetically!
    Thanks for reminding me of all this good stuff!
    here’s to holy hotness for all!

  3. Love that Beth! All couples should practice that exercise. It sounds like that keeps you growing together and appreciating each other for who you really are to the core. Thank you so much for sharing. I love you and all your beautiful quirks:)

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