Pleasurable Periods? Yes, for real.

Hi everyone!

I’m just thrilled to be part of the Inspiration Nation community!

I’m Tisha Lin and I’m delighted to be your very own Pleasurable Periods advocate.

Yes!  I said it….pleasurable periods.

Sounds a little counter intuitive?

If you’re thinking, “My period is anything but pleasurable!”


Then, you definitely want to keep reading….

I’ll elaborate more…..

So…bathing suit season is pretty much here, yes?

Well for me, that always meant dealing with my awful period!

No beach. No pool. No fun!

From a young age I suffered with excruciatingly painful periods and major bloating, that left me sick and doubled over in bed. Add a dose of nasty mood swings and P.M.S. and things got ugly.

Can you relate?

Bye-bye PMS!

In high school, I discovered Advil and tampons!  I thought that was the solution, but it was a small band aid at best.

In college, I started taking birth control pills as contraception and to help regulate my temperamental period. I would never know when it was coming. Often times, I would skip periods altogether. It was so frustrating!

My period was a true curse meant to torture me.  Or so I thought.

Then I turned 30 and had an “Eat, Pray, Love” moment that propelled me onto a path to bring my body, my health and my whole life into balance. I had stressed it out all too much for way too long and it was unhappy to say the least.

Know the feeling?

So I set out on a quest that meant quitting my then office job, moving out of the New York City and taking time off in the tropics….

During this period (pun intended), I stopped taking birth control pills and for the first time in 10 years, my body started to produce its own natural hormones again. I was really happy about this but the transition was bumpy and I found myself back in the same war zone with my period. Again.

UGH. There just had to be another way. This could not be the end-all, be-all.

Through a process of introspection, I got real with myself.

I realized I was a grown woman with no real understanding of how her body or her period actually worked!

So I got curious.

And I started asking.

I started studying, devouring all that I could find and discovered a whole new world….and a much more pleasurable one.

And after 20 years of torture, I learned to self regulate my cycle through natural methods, say good-bye to painful periods and relate to my body and my period in a whole new way.

Discovering a whole new world of pleasure…

If you’re thinking, “No way, something doesn’t add up…”

Allow me to share that I believe that every woman deserves to understand her body and her period. Every woman has a unique body, period cycle and it’s not a one-size-fits all approach here.

There are so many myths and misconceptions about how things “should” be.

And I’ll share with you that I like to pattern recognize and organize information in a way that is easy for me to understand.  Clunky downloads of information just doesn’t compute for me. I’m sure I’m not the only one on this. I actually learn easier with visuals as well.

That’s why I created a whole lifestyle around promoting a healthy and pleasurable period!

I organized all of my learnings and discoveries into:

The 4 Essential Pleasure Points

The 4 Essential Pleasure Points

The 4 Essential Pleasure Points

They include:





The 4 Essential Pleasure Points® form the basis of how I now live each day of my life. (And if you allow me to get a little dramatic for a moment, they actually well, probably saved my life, saved me from spiraling downwards…)

That’s why I refer to them as a lifestyle — a style in which I live my life.

Oh!  and, here’s my little secret…

The fruit of this labor has meant that my period actually works with me now.

Even better, my period has actually rewarded me for it!

I now by far experience more pleasure and fun in all areas of my life!

So it IS possible.

It’s just like back when we thought humans would never be able to travel to the moon. But Neil Armstrong showed us otherwise, didn’t he?

So my period war is over.

Now there is peace and even pleasure.


Join the free Period Pow Wow!

If you suffer through your period, please join Tisha Lin for a “Period Pow Wow”

It’s a special FREE 90 minute intimate call for women on June 19th.

Learn more about The 4 Essential Pleasure Points® 

+ Key facts about your body to have a healthy period
+ Why modern rituals are so important in reducing pain and aggravation
+ The deeper meaning and relevance of why you get your period
+ Why uncovering the real relationship with your period promotes pleasure!

And if you miss the live call, you’ll still get the recording if you sign-up!



4 thoughts on “Pleasurable Periods? Yes, for real.

  1. I simply love your blog…I’ve never heard someone take this approach about periods, and I am so interested in what you have to say. I can relate about the painful period ( it was REALLY bad in high school) and I can certainly relate to the birth control and the advil..

    Even though my period has gotten much better as I have gotten older, I know I can benefit from hearing what you have to say, and I am looking forward to your concept of the 4 Essential Pleasure points.

    Looking forward to connect at the pow wow…

  2. Hi Patty! Thank you so much for your kind words!

    Isn’t it amazing how many women can really relate about having a painful period?

    I love how you own inner wisdom tells you that even though you have gotten older and it’s gotten better, you can still benefit from learning more…

    I look forward to connecting at the pow wow!

    With love + gratitude

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