So You Think You’ve Missed Your Opportunity?

written by: Patty Sherry


So you think you’ve missed your opportunity; maybe your ship will never come in…

Or there will never be anyone else quite like her or him.

Failed relationships can be so hard.

Maybe you’ve missed your chance. Time seems to be passing you by, and living that dream appears it will never be a reality.

The world seems more lackful than abundant.

I’ve certainly struggled with such fearful thoughts from time to time. Sometimes when I have a lot on my mind, I like to be out in nature and do something a bit mindless.

It’s been raining here for the past few days, so when the sun finally peeked out I decided that I would spend some time weeding my garden. If I let it go too long the weeds can really take over.

As I gathered my garden gloves and a cold container of water, whispering in my head was a voice, “Weeds can choke a garden, pull them out at the roots and let them go!”

Some FEAR thoughts about money, my business, and the future had been floating around my head, so I instantly knew how cathardic and symbolic this weeding would be. I wanted to open myself to let go of the stuff that was weighing me down.

The first weed I encountered was a prickly choking vine, and as I yanked on it the sharp thorn pricked my finger right through my glove! Ouch!

I noticed how quickly the weeds had grown from the rain, and I just started pulling them out and placing them in a container. Then I noticed a patch of clovers. When I went to yank them out, I immediately noticed a four leaf clover standing out amoung the bunch!

Cool, four leaf clovers are lucky and rare to find! What a pleasant sign from the Universe!

But then I soon saw another one, and another one. Then I saw a 5 leaf clover! As I pulled it out a voice said, “ Do you get it, Patty?”

Right next to the 5 leaf clover was a 6 leaf clover!

“Is this rediculous enough? Do you get it?”

My weeding had suddenly turned into a clover picking party. I was plucking up 6, 7, and 8 leaf clovers. 50 of them to be exact!

The Universe was showing me just how abundant opportunities are. They are all around us for the plucking.  Dreams are not lackful or one time shots. I went to the dollar store and found this perfect frame to mount my clovers in. Now I have this lovely reminder to share with you about abundance and opportunities.

Just be open, opportunity is there for the plucking…

With Love & Fireworks,

Patty Sherry
Founder of Share Your Love Story

18 thoughts on “So You Think You’ve Missed Your Opportunity?

    • Thank you Blue Butterfly!! Sometimes I forget how abundant the world really is, especially when I am caught up in being scared… I write to remind others and ME to remember.. 🙂

      and pleasurableperiods…I am smiling 🙂 thank you!

  1. Love that you saved the clovers and mounted them as a constant reminder. When we surround ourselves with those tiny reminders daily; hope, love and happiness are much more readily available to us! Great Post Patty!

  2. Every time I start to think the universe doesn’t have enough for me, it proves me wrong. I just had to be open to the signs. I LOVE this clover story and how it wasn’t just affirming abundance, it was blowing it out of the water! Thanks!

  3. I absolutely agree with you. It’s amazing what you’ll find when you get out there and make things happen. “Luck” seems to follow the people who “do”.

  4. Great sentiments for me today. Feeling a bit in the weeds after a long night with no sleep due to a sick baby. This just made me think more about opportunities and less about sleep 🙂

    • awwww sick baby and lack of sleep..gosh who wouldn’t feel in the weeds? Glad you found something positive in this. Smiling ! I hope your baby feels better soon. 🙂

  5. You found so many lucky clovers! wow! I love your simple message and most especially how you took the time to nourish your soul by framing your discovery. I will look a little closer for those clovers (we have a HUGE patch in our back yard) and how abundant opportunities really are.

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