How To Turn Fear into Growth

Our world seems to take on the belief  that being fearful is not a healthy way to live. Funny that since everything in our media is actually based off fear of things like lack (never enough), health issues, emotional issues… everything leads to issues in life according to the media/world. People  are convinced that we can have a good life and that there isn’t such thing!

Just a pretty picture of the moon 😉

I would love to take the time with you to actually reflect on ‘fear’ and WHY it’s really important to feel and and learn from it.

My life has been fear based. Going to school meant that if I didn’t make the grades and seem ‘smart enough’ I wouldn’t be able to live a happy life – so I plugged away at school due to being fearful of being stupid and not making it in life. My first job was based off fear. The fear that if I didn’t get a job (work for someone else) I would die from lack of money -can people really die from that…? I got married out of fear of pleasing the churches that If I would have children out of wedlock I would be shunned from my community and go to hell… These are just a few of my real life examples of how fear is with ALL of us all throughout our lives.

BUT the fabulous thing about fear is we can actually turn it around into something VERY positive for our lives… once again here are my real life examples : My children (2x) were born at home from the fear of birthing in a hospital where there would be  interventions and I would feel that I wouldn’t be respected. My DREAM job (of being a horse trainer) come from the fear of the world not knowing about the gifts that I had with horses & what they could offer into our lives. Our dream life as a family of being nomads and traveling Australia was birthed from the fear of us being stuck in normality and never really having a good, fulfilling and purposeful life. The fear of women NOT knowing the power they truly hold lead me to being a life coach to help women find this power within themselves.

Fear is inevitable – it will be with us all our lives. We were born with it (thinking back to tribal days… etc) We NEED fear in our lives to get us to think and act wisely.

But there are different kinds of fears, as I demonstrated above with my real life examples.

The difference is SEEING it differently.

For example : There has been an outrage of chickenpox, and the media (aka government) is urging all children to get vaccinated  right away so that we do not have to deal with (the inconvenience of) it. So in FEAR we rush out and get vaccinations right away  to support the movement OR in fear we can research it further and see what this whole thing is actually about. Then, in all the research, you find that a pharmaceutical company is paying the government to ‘advertise’ for them to help our kids be ‘healthier’ but in reality they just need some test subjects for their new vaccination that hasn’t been tested yet.

This could be an extreme example (to some) and I actually did make this up… mixed in with a few of my personal assumptions 😉

In EVERYTHING we need to actually think about what is behind this ‘Fear’, we need to use our natural instincts that we were born with. If you follow your FEAR rather than CONFORM to it you will find many great leanings and your life will change in a massive way! Fear is a very healthy thing that we need to in order grow and use our (high form of) consciousness.

when we begin to live with fear and use it in order to consistently re-think and be open to new ideas and possibilities – Lives truly do transform – I can personally vouch for this!

Below is a list of how Living with Fear (not CONFROMING to it) can change your life ::

~ You will come alive with inspired ideas in ways that can change our world

~ You will feel healthier and happier

~ You will make wise decision that you won’t regret (reglardless of others saying it’s wrong or right)

~ You’ll have inner peace and knowing that LIFE IS FOR YOU and not against you

~ You’ll find that there is much more love in the world rather than hate & war

~ You’ll want to love in a much deeper, meaningful & powerful way

~ “Empowered” will be your middle name (if not your first 😉 )

I’m sure there are many more benefits. The benefit above are from my personal experience and also helping and watching others around me (like my clients, good friends and family) grow into their beautiful selves.


Being FEARFUL is GOOD…. Using this to help you turn your life  around to help you LIVE your best life yet, BREATHE in love, happiness and peace and GROW in a way that you have never experienced! You will not regret it!

Have you experienced fear and used it to turn your life or a particular situation around? Or maybe you have found yourself living in fear and conforming to it but you see how your could grow from this ‘Fear’? I would love to hear from you!

Much Love & Support

~ Tara Lea

Power Guidance (Life) Coach for inspired women

12 thoughts on “How To Turn Fear into Growth

    • Hey jennifer!

      Yes there’s that saying that “your life begins at the end of your comfort zone” – I live by this and boy am I addicted! LOL

  1. “you’ll find that there is much more love in the world, rather than hate and war”. I love this and I am going to share it. Sometimes the “hate and war” bombards when we are exposed to it so unendingly in the media… we have to remind ourselves to look at our neighbor, friend, community and see all of the love! Thank you for this very unique post on fear!

    • Hey Nancy!
      The world is a beautiful place – if we let it be. 🙂 No doubt there will always be wars and hatred, but there (like in fear) you will find some love. ❤ Thank you for sharing! ❤

  2. Hi Tara,

    I resonate completely with your blog and really appreciate the perspective you have about FEAR. Your examples are spot on!

    I once saw a documentary that was filmed on a NYC subway, and the person filming asked the question “What motivates you love or fear?” at first my natural response was ” Love of course” but as I heard some people give their explanation as “fear motivates me” It make me take another look at my own beliefs about FEAR, and I saw that I had some negative connotations around the word.

    I think many people do, especially when you have a strong belief in “positive thinking” sometimes FEAR is depicted as the thing u MUST overcome..

    Your blog brings a new ease to the subject that I really can take hold of and by no coincidence it was a subject I had been contemplating a lot.

    Thanks for your wonderful post!!

    • Wow! your words have reminded me of how much (often) we love from fear not from pure love! My partner and i (newly) believe that for us and our 2 kids that “if you love something set it free” as often people in any kind of relationship are bound by fear of ‘loosing’ or ‘not being loved’ rather than the pure essence of love… now thats where empowerment lies not to mention great relationship 🙂

  3. This is GREAT! I agree totally – that fear is inevitable and we CAN use fear to help us grow. We need fear to help us grow, and in order to do so, we need to live courageously! Thanks for the lovely reminder. xoxo

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