How To Tell: Are You Really Open For Change?

Recently I’ve had to check in with myself about change. What I realized was that although I outwardly said I wanted things to change, something inside of me wasn’t quite ready for that change.

Something inside me was closed.

How did I know this?

Circumstances moved slowly. Things were just not working out as smoothly as I would have wanted. Instead of it feeling like a great big YES, the answer continued to be a giant NO! It just wasn’t happening….

For last few months I’ve known that  I need to increase my bank funds. I’ve spent a lot of money on the development of my own business, and there wasn’t enough revenue coming in. I needed a supplemental plan in place, and decided that after a VERY long time of working for myself, I would seek a job working for someone else.

I said I wanted change! I needed change! 

But the minute I began to look in the help wanted ads, I felt the resistance in my own body. My head would hurt, and sometimes my stomach would feel like there was a knot inside. Something inside me really didn’t want to do this, but I continued on.

Of course NOTHING panned out. I couldn’t find anything that interested me. I wasn’t happy with the salaries. Everything about this job search felt WRONG.

I’m not used to life working this way for me. When I make up my mind to do something I do it and things flow.

I knew I had to check in with myself. It’s easy to play a mind game and believe the Universe is conspiring against me, or that I have experienced some “bad luck”. But I know this first must be an inward journey for me to see outward results.

When you check a cake for DONE-ness you stick a tooth pick inside. Sometimes you press it with your thumb to see if it springs back. I decided to take this cake approach with myself, press myself a bit and look inside.

I realized that I still had some old beliefs about working for myself vs. working for someone else. I also had a bit of fear around this change. There it was! I could feel my  body and its resistance.

Once I accepted my own resistance I was able to turn it around. I’ve become open to change and I can feel it.  I don’t feel a pit in my stomach, I feel excitement within. I now look for a job with curiosity and enthusiasm. I’m not sure what this new job will be, but I am open for it.

Before I wasn’t, and I know this now. I observe how new ideas come to me; I now have a two-year plan that excites me. I can feel the flow…..opened.

Have you asked for change in your life? If that change is moving too slow, or not happening at all, check yourself for DONE-ness. Chances are that if you look inside, you will discover a piece of you that is closed to the very change you want.

Accept this and feel for yourself the difference. Open your flow….




With Love & Fireworks,

Patty Sherry, Founder of Share Your Love Story

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