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Products + Services As a Thank You For Donating

Business Development


The very first and most thorough Pinterest for Business course on the internet! We are very pleased to donate 1 free course subscription to the cause!

Learn more here (1 program available)

The Superluxe Naming Experience

By Victoria Prozan McGlinn

You can’t sell it if you haven’t named it! Stop wasting time and start making money!

An intense, creative volley of ideas, concepts and communications to get your product names and/or taglines defined and selling your brilliance.

Site + Domain Names.
Coaching Packages.

Build confidence in your product then distill that into a name worthy of its power. Nothing short of that will get you to where you wanna go. And I know you wanna go far!

Program value $250

Learn more here (1 program available)

chaos to clarityChaos to Clarity in 60 Minutes

By Natasha Vorompiova

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the constant bombardment of information about setting up and running your business? If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and have no clue how to manage it all, this powerful one-time session is perfect for you.

We’ll spend 60 minutes carefully examining your business model, establishing your priorities, and determining the new systems you need to establish right away. We’ll also analyze your existing business processes and pinpoint ways to streamline them. Plus, I’ll help you identify missed opportunities and outline tactics to capitalize on your business strengths.

Program Value $230

Learn more here (1 program available)

Rocket Your Revolution

By Erin Giles

A four week group coaching program that teaches you how to create and launch your revolution, build philanthropy into your business model, and CHANGE the world.

Program Value $595

Learn more here (1 program available)

Jenny ShihGrow Your List

By Jenny Shih

Get Your First 1000 Subscribers

A 90 minute webinar on how to grow your list, including the 5 simple things I did consistently to get 1000 subscribers in 6 months, plus the 2 things that got me 200 subscribers almost instantly.

Bonuses include a list-building action planner, a resource guide, and examples of exactly what I did–so you can steal it!

Program value $67

Learn more here (1 program available)

Irresistible FreebieIrresistible Freebie

By Jenny Shih

How to Create and Irresistible Freebie

A 90-minute webinar on how to create an irresistible free offer that has visitors instantly convert to loyal subscribers and paying customers

Bonuses include an action planner, an ideal customer magic formula, and a techy how-to guide

Program value $67

Learn more here (1 program available)

Get Going ProgramGet Going: How to Make Your Ideas Actually Happen

By Jenny Shih

Get Going: How to Make Your Ideas Actually Happen is a digital self-study program containing written and audio tool kits divided into 7 modules.
These modules are specifically designed to walk you step-by-step through making your idea actually happen.

It includes 7 comprehensive toolkits, audio recordings to support you, and two killer bonuses

Program value $229

Learn more here (1 program available)

The Idea Juicer KitThe Idea Juicer Kit

By Jenny Shih

Stop doing things the hard way, and start doing things the smart way.

The Idea Juicer Kit is an ebook that shows you how to spend less time and energy to still make money in your business. You’ll learn how you can serve your clients and prospects by leveraging what you have created.

With The Idea Juicer Kit as your guide, you will learn…
– How to create a new stream of income by the end of the week
– How to stop wasting time and unnecessary effort
– How to stop working to write new blog posts
– How to not sound like a broken record when you repurpose your content
– How to narrow down your options if you have too many ideas swirling in your head
– The easiest path to create what you want without starting from scratch every time

Program value $37

Learn more here (1 program available)

robinfletcherSell Like A Goddess

By Robin Fletcher

The Sell Like a Goddess Coaching program includes a total of 4 45 min sessions by phone that will equip you with the experience and tools for selling from your inner goddess, each and every time you pick up the phone.

Program value $695

Learn more here (1 program available)

Ready- Set- Team The Course

By Erica Cosminsky

Read– Set- Team The Course: A 2 part course on delegation and finding help for business or home.

You know what you’re best at—it’s that piece of your business that elicits ooh’s and aah’s whenever you work your soulful magic—don’t let the work that burdens your day, hinder your talent and steal your joy.

Course 1 will help you

-Learn how to delegate to employees

-Set up business structures to help you determine what works for your business (and what doesn’t), and free more of your time

-Discover resources to help you propel your business from good to awesome

Course 2 will help you…

Session value $697+ Bonus 1 hour coaching Session for winner.

Learn more here (1 session available)

PDF workshopThe PDF Workshop

By Christie Halmick

The PDF Workshop is a four week digital course for MAC users who want to learn how to conceive, write, design, and produce their own short PDF documents in iWork Pages.

Program value $250

Learn more here (1 program available)

Press Play

By Danielle Leslie

Press Play is a five-week program where I help you build and/or grow a business around your passion. I work one-on-one with you through weekly phone calls and video lessons to help you hone your “WHY,” discover your profitable passion, and design a sound business around it.

Program Value $997

Learn more here (1 program available)

Six Month Planning Pack

By Michelle

If you love your business, but hate planning, this is for you. You’ll get to stop being reactive & start being proactive, without having to handle it all yourself. I’ll plan your next six months for you. Action steps, delegated tasks, recurring tasks – all of it. And then I’ll not only find the right project management system for you + your team + your biz, I’ll put all of the tasks & team members in it.

Program Value $500

Learn more here (1 program available)

The Dolphin Package

By Angel Sullivan

The Dolphin Package is a really fabulous entry point into having a web presence for your heart-based business, and it offers you the chance to get very playful in creating a look & feel that suits your business perfectly. This package is everything you need to get started if you’re willing to put in some of the work (such as providing the copy and the graphics for the site)!

Service Value $550

Learn more here (1 program available)

Personal Development

Life Coaching

By Jen Vertanen

1 90-Minute Consulting session of laser-focused strategy, enthusiasm, focus, clarity, and action steps for whatever you want to discuss be it life, business, transformation, transitions, infusing adventure and joy in your everyday life, social media, branding, what have you. I have tons of tips, tricks, and expert know-how in many facets of life including parenting, corporate IT, and transforming your life!

Session Value $250

Learn more here (1 session available)


By Cindy Chin

Three sessions of one-on-one coaching that will focus on getting you started on your journey of rediscovery. This program is for you if have made the decision to finally listen to the nagging voice telling you to pay attention to your passions, wants and needs. Maybe you’ve been raising young children or got caught up in the rat race of your career and forgot about what you love and what brings you joy. Through coaching, you will learn to release your goddess in all its gloriousness!

Program Value $300

Learn more here (1 program available)

Chris AlexandriaThe Heart Illumination

By Angel Chatter and Chris Alexandria

Do you love to chat with angels and/or want to strengthen your connection to them? Do you wish life was better and KNOW that there is more out there for YOU?

If so, this package is for you!

When you win, you shall receive one deck of the newly released Angel Chatter™ Archangel Oracle Cards.

But wait, there’s more! You will also have an entire free session with Chris Alexandria, Transformation Coach and Angel Intuitive Expert. Your session will last one to one and half hours. All sessions are done via skypeso no long distant call expenses! Your session will include any questions you have regarding your deck as well as a Heart Illumination portion.

The Heart Illumination portion brings to light an area of your life that is holding you back and then implementing tools into your daily life so you can step more confidently into the role of YOUR lifetime with the utmost grace, joy and love. Why? Because you are so worth all that you desire!

Program Value $600

Learn more here (1 program available)

Financial Coaching

By Karie Hill

5 spots in my 4-week “Ditch Your Debt” online group coaching program.

Program value $985 ($197/each)

Learn more here (1 program available)

Foundations for Unshakable Joy 6-Week Group Program

By Stephenie Zamora

A 6-week online program that helps women take an honest look at their life, discover what they really want and create an easy-to-implement plan to make it happen fast. If you’re ready to experience fulfillment, passion and unshakable JOY, this course is for you!

Session Value $395

Learn more here (1 program available)

Career and Life Coaching- “Awaken Your Purpose and Power Coaching Program”

By Chinh Pham

Chinh Pham is a fear conquerer, life transformer, and coach. She helps people in their 20’s and 30’s who struggle with “making their mark” in this world and who are ready to embrace who they are to become who they were born to be.

Chinh is giving away her full Awaken your Purpose and Power Coaching Program, designed for people who feel stuck in their current job and want more fulfillment from their career and lives. It’s perfect for people who are searching for their purpose and are ready to find the courage within to create the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Program Value $600

Learn more here (1 program available)

Lainie Love DalbyThe Power HOUR

By Lainie Love Dalby

Do you yearn to get BOLD!?
Do you need an injection of BRAVERY!?
Are you tired of hiding from your GREATNESS!?
Do you crave to fully step into the truth & messy gorgeousness of who you are!?
Are you ready to embrace L.I.F.E (Living in Fullness Everyday)???

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you’re in the right place! It’s time to put some Lainie style creativity, courage & BIG love into YOUR life! I welcome you as my guest in igniting your future success!…

Program value $200

Learn more here (1 program available)

Writing Coaching

By Amy Scott

One month of coaching via phone and email to help you move forward with your nonfiction writing projects.

Program Value $300

Learn more here (1 program available)

Embodied Arts Private Session

By Kathleen Prophet

I’m Kathleen Prophet… and I am a Lover of the Mystery of your Sacred Wild Creative Genius! My work is all about wooing the magnificence of this force of your brilliance into your life for transformation, healing and empowerment.
My private session is specifically designed to awaken the deeper forces of your Sacred Wild Creative Genius as revealed in your astrology chart and life story and have you embody it so your life is INFUSED with its transformative empowering LOVE!!!

3 sessions @ $225 each available for Kathleen Prophet and the Unleash Your Wild Creative Genius Private Sessions

Learn more here (1 program available)

A Mindful Family

By Therese

Two sessions of psychotherapy or consultation. I specialize in counseling with children, teens and families, as well as mindfulness skills for everyone. I have also worked with many couples regarding relationship matters. If you have any questions or concerns related to yourself, your child or your partner, and would like some guidance and expertise in the mental health area, I am happy to help. If you don’t live nearby we can connect on Skype or via the phone at a convenient time.

Sessions Value $300

Learn more here (2 sessions available)

Lucky BitchLucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

By Denise Duffield-Thomas

Want to learn the secrets of upgrading your life + manifesting everything on your dream board (including the $$ to pay for it?)

The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp is a 6-week immersion into the powerful art of money manifestation.

This Bootcamp will give you the tools to set clear intentions, conspire with the universe, and create your own magic.

: Heighten your awareness for synchronicity + hidden opportunities to create abundance

: Activate your real-world allies (and invisible helpers) to help you overcome money blocks…and much more

Join Lucky Bitch, Denise Duffield-Thomas on six weeks of incredible money transformation.

Program Value $750

Learn more here (1 program available)

Life Coaching

By Christina Rasmussen

A life ignition private session with Christina Rasmussen

Session Value $395

Learn more here (1 session available)

The Ravishing Renegade

By Kimberly Riggins

A slot in my revolutionary 30 day self-love program.
“The Ravishing Renegade: Slashing through the jungle to DISCOVER self-love.”Stop sabotaging your life, fall in love with yourself and start living your life.

New class starts in September 2012.

Program value $495

Learn more here (1 program available)


By Chel Hamilton

2 Hypnotherapy Sessions via Skype or Telephone with Master Hypnotist Chel Hamilton, C.Ht.

Sessions Value $200

Learn more here (2 sessions available)

purple leaves red cherriesPURPLE LEAVES, RED CHERRIES

By Tania Elfersy

I am offering a copy of the award-winning and inspiring gift book for new moms, “Purple Leaves, Red Cherries.”

“Purple Leaves, Red Cherries” is a full-color, beautifully illustrated, hardback book, which supports and comforts moms through the early years of motherhood.

The book includes:
• 48 short stories on motherhood
• A guided journal
• A Mothers’ Toolkit with practical tips and self-development exercises
• Stunning illustrations throughout

“Purple Leaves, Red Cherries” has won four international book prizes and makes a wonderful gift for new and expectant moms and mothers with young children.

Book Value $28.95 + Another same book + I will ship the book to you

Learn more here (2 books available)


{Red-i} Necklace

By Chelsea Jewelry

“Bollywood Sunset” Handcrafted Swarovski crystal, bead and wire Statement

Necklace Value $475

Learn more here (1 necklace available)

LBG’s Conscious Cotton Be Your Own Guru Collection

By Terra Pfund Kroll

4 Tees from LBG’s Conscious Cotton Be Your Own Guru Collection

100% Cotton, grown, processed and manufactured in the United States. Live. Breathe. Grow.’s “Be Your Own Guru” Conscious Cotton Collection includes: BYOG Buddha, BYOG Rose Mandala, Hamsa Tee and the LBG Flashdance Tee. The Be Your Own Guru collection reminds women to:

Stand in your personal power and strength.
Honor your voice, that source of intuitive wisdom that shines like a beacon of light inside of you.
Have the courage to believe that you can decide how to live your own life.
Go inside to find your guide, then harness your energy to shine your light outward.
Be confident in who you are and tell the world I AM ME!
Live. Breathe. Grow…into who you are meant to be.

Retail value $120

Learn more here (4 tees available)

Beginning Niche and Classic Perfume Sampler

By Patty White

Beginning Niche and Classic Perfume Sampler pack – 22 samples of perfumes that have stood the test of time and/or are niche and great examples of a type of perfume or note.

It is a great package to start exploring women’s fragrances, trying things that aren’t always available in the department store.

Perfume Value $44.99

Learn more here (22 perfume samples available)

Girls Can’t What?

By Gretchen Cawthon

Ever been told you can’t because you’re a girl? Girls Can’t WHAT? is an attitude – an empowering state of mind!

This Girls Can’t WHAT? tote bag can be customized with any design from the Girls Can’t WHAT? Shop. Winner can select style and color options as well.

Tote Bag Value $28

Learn more here (1 tote bag available)

Childrens Special Occasion Dress

By A Little Indulgence

A Little Indulgence is donating a childrens special occasion silk dress in size 8. The pink and white sleeveless dress is elegant and timeless. The hand-sewn pearls along the sash add a touch of charm. It’s the perfect thing to help make your special occasion even more cherished.

Program value $365

Learn more here (1 dress available)

sterling silver bar necklaceSterling Silver Bar Necklace

By Simone Richmond

Sterling Silver Bar Necklace with 14kt Gold Filled Wire

I love textiles, so naturally when I found myself hand winding my sewing machine bobbin, I started thinking about how I could translate it into metal…and along came my Thread Collection.

This necklace is a classic piece that you can wear with everything!
Made from sterling silver square wire (1.6 mm x 1.6mm), and wrapped with 14kt gold filled wire, the mixed metal is a classic combination that makes a soft statement.

The pendant hangs approximately 1.5″ long from the top of a soldered sterling silver jump ring on a 28″ sterling silver curb chain.

Necklace value $65

Learn more here (1 necklace available)

Christine TseVirtual Interior Design Service – Decor by the Room

By Christine Tse

Christine Tse Interiors, a virtual interior design firm will create a customized design package tailored to your needs that is transformational, efficient, fun and easy to implement. To create a home that will inspire you to live your best life.
You will get a comprehensive design package based on your aesthetic, space restrictions, and budget. Just, let me know which space you would like me to work my magic in.

Services Value $465-$675

Learn more here ( 1 service available)

Health & Fitness

Your Weekly Dinner Plan

By Tracey Ceurvels

Are you strapped for time + need help in the kitchen? I am a busy mom-writer-food lover and I am here to help with a weekly dinner plan that includes both recipes + shopping lists to make your life easier. My goal is to get you cooking so that you’re stress free and able sit down + enjoy dinner (and a glass of wine) with your family, friends and other loved ones.

I’ve created weekly stress-free menus for you and your family, which will help you get a mouth-watering (and easy to make) dinner on the table.

Six-month membership: includes 5 recipes a week plus shopping list. Recipes are all call for fresh, seasonal ingredients and are easy to prepare..

Product value $150

Learn more here (1 program available)

natalie garayPilates Instruction and/or Pain Management Consultation (via Skype)

By Natalie Garay

I am a certified Pilates Instructor with over 13 years experience; with a background in Dance and Physical Therapy.

I have helped many clients ranging from pre/post-natal women, post operative patients, scoliosis, disc related injuries, osteoporosis, spinal fusions to athletes.

Program Value $85

Learn more here ( 1 consultation available)

healthy and lifesytle coachingHealth & Lifestyle Coaching

By Robyn Latman

Are you ready to kick your life into high gear?

This jump-start package includes 2 months of one-on-one coaching with me. Each month, you’ll get 2 45-minute calls, plus email support between sessions, during which we’ll identify your biggest frustrations and obstacles, and together, we’ll move you beyond them.

You deserve to live your ideal life. What are you waiting for?

Let’s get started!

Program value $1000

Learn more here (1 program available)

Sugar Recovery Program

By Claudia Olivie

If you’re addicted to sugar, struggling with the energy roller coaster, and want to stop the addiction cycle once and for all, join me in my Sugar Recovery Program. This program is designed to get you off sugar, give you tools to deal with cravings and withdrawal, and then reintroduce sugar in a way that doesn’t restart the cycle all over again. So how would you like to finally get over your sugar addiction?

More about Claudia: As a holistic health and wellness consultant, I look at how all areas of your life are connected, including food, lifestyle, mental game, stress management and more.

Program Value $175

Learn more here (1 program available)

Sizzle Kitbodyheart’s Sizzle Kit

By Amber Krzys

It’s our 6-week TAKE ACTION e-course designed to wake you up to your most fulfilling life right now. Where you stop surviving and start thriving. Over the course you receive 25 emails containing life-changing exercises and inspirational stories, as well as bonus videos, accountability, access to our private Facebook group and most importantly, a way to design your very own Sizzle Action Plan.

Program Value $99

Learn more here ( 1 program available)

fast fitness28-day Fat Blaster Challenge

By Shay de Silva

A comprehensive program that will get you in tip-top shape in just 28 days. The challenge includes a workbook for changing your habits, three workout videos (each one less than 25 minutes long and requiring no weights or other equipment), a meal plan, a day-by-day guide, and a tracker so you can chart your progress.

Program Value $149

Learn more here ( 3 programs available)

Successful Weight Loss School

By Nichole Kellerman

Successful Weight Loss School is a private, membership-only website, where you will have access to educational “virtual classes” on how to lose weight (that you’ll never have to worry about gaining back again), tone up, and thriving with energy. If you are a woman who wants to stop torching herself with diets, learn how to party with life and lose weight for good, Successful Weight Loss School is for you.

Program Value $468

Learn more here (3 program available)

NutritionTrainNutrition Train

By Majeedah Neale

The Nutrition Train’s Signature “Clean and Clear Mind- Body Detox” is just the jumpstart you need to experience the benefits of clarity of the mind and nourishment of the body that leads to amazing vitality in all parts of your life. Stop getting frustrated and confused about what a detox is or how to do it alone. Everyone needs the right support, progression and accountability when it comes to something as important as changing your diet and lifestyle. That’s exactly why you need to get on board the Nutrition Train for all your holistic nutrition and wellness needs in a fun, fast and fabulous way!

I’m Majeedah Neale, the Conductor of the Nutrition Train. As a Holistic nutrition and eating psychology coach, I know just how to listen to you and help you build your customized Nutrition Train track to your Wellness Destination. I love making it easy for you to implement the foods and changes in your life that are necessary for sustained health, not just a fad, phase or trend. As a busy mom of 5, I know the challenges of always being on the go and busy but also maintaining a vibrant, healthy glow and bubbling with energy. You CAN do this and with my help, you WILL do this. So get on board and let’s Rock!

Program Value $295

Learn more here (1 program available)

Designed For Wellness

By Lisa Byrne

Designed for Wellness walks you through a gentle, step by step process that establishes a dynamic, healthy and vibrant way of eating and living for you and your family. It equips you with the fundamentals of healthy eating and connects all the major parts of your well-being to how you nourish and feed yourself. This course is specifically created for the needs of a busy mom equipping her with tools, skills and strategies to stay calm, healthy and energized while navigating the role of motherhood.

Program value $375

Learn more here (1 program available)

SashaCampbell-51Blyssful Health| Raw Food Starter Package

By Sasha Campbell

In this package you will receive a one hour coaching call to help you learn how to incorporate raw food into your diet. This session includes a customized goal setting, pantry revamp and a 3 day raw food menu plan. Learn the top super foods that you should be stocking your pantry with and how to use them to fuel your mind, body and soul.

Program Value $500

Sasha Campbell BLYSSFUL HEALTH Reclaim|Renew|Revive

Learn more Here(1 program available)

inspired runningInspired Running

By Christy Lambert

Start Running with a One Year Membership to, an online community of beginning runners & walkers.

You already know you’re supposed to exercise, you already know it’s good for you. You already know the basics of how to run.

BUT if you don’t see yourself as a runner, if you think you hate running, if every time you head out the door it’s painful, it’s going to be nearly impossible to stick with and enjoy any plan that’s out there – no matter how good it is.

Nearly every training plan is focused primarily on changing your body.

You’ve got to change the way you see yourself & exercise first. Then no matter what training plan you pick, it will feel easy, doable and fun! When you change your mind first, it makes it easy for your body to follow-through.

At, you’ll find everything you need to change your mind about running.

Program Value $432

Learn more here (1 program available)

jqFeeling Absolutely Fabulous

By Jacqueline Fairbrass

Easy to use Hypnotherapy CDs to help you on the path to a healthier lifestyle:

Jacqueline Fairbrass has helped thousands of people to Choose Happy. By taking a few minutes to yourself each day to work with Jacqueline in the comfort of your own home, you begin the journey to Feeling Absolutely Fabulous

Listening to these CDs helps you let go of the day’s stresses by calming and focusing your mind. Using the power of your own mind you will create an experience of complete relaxation and reinforce positive messages about your own health and well-being. This state of complete relaxation is required for your body to rest and repair. You may notice your emotions calming.You may notice your overall outlook on life improving as your spirit is uplifted.

Program value $49.95

Learn more here (1 program available)

One Hour Laser Focus, Baby!

By Rhonda

Our appointment will consist of a one hour Skype session where we will target exactly what you need to focus on the most (stress management or raw foods) and you will leave with an outline of your action plan of success! I have done everything from walking someone through kitchen equipment and recipes to a full on one on one Laughter Yoga stress blaster session. Can I say how useful Skype is??

Program value $124

Learn more here (1 program available)

click a classClickAClass

By Jessica Covington connects moms & other busy people to fun, discounted active classes (adult & child versions of yoga, dance, martial arts, sports & more) near them. Class providers have a terrific, cost-effective way to reach unlimited new leads and site users find great classes quickly, easily and precisely — and each comes with a promo code.

Service offering includes The 10-Pack: one month of listing up to 10 classes for a provider of active classes. The 10-Pack includes at least 8 social media mentions, plus 1 month as a featured Like on the Facebook page. We can also arrange complimentary extras, like blog post exchanges, Facebook Q&A events, etc.’s guarantee is to boost your social media following and website traffic — which means you’re reaching a whole new audience of potential clients! Give us a couple of shout-outs on your social channels, keep an eye on your site traffic, and you’ll be so impressed with your new marketing muscle that you’ll be ready to list all your classes.

Program Value $50

Learn more here (1 program available)

Music & Entertainment

AUDIO CD: BlackFolkRockStar

By Carla Duren

Carla Duren’s solo debut album “BlackFolkRockStar” is her soulful collection of songs that are therapeutic to the spirit. It transcends typical genres bringing pop, soul and folk music together. The title track “BlackFolkRockStar,” is an inspirational anthem that inspires everyone to define their own dream for themselves; making everyone from all walks of life to want to sing along.

CD Value $12 x how many you would like

Learn more here (CD available)

Four Wall Flight CDFour Wall Flight CD

By Gretchen Cawthon

Since 2005, contemporary Christian band Four Wall Flight has been leading worship and sharing original, honest music to bring the message of hope in Christ to a hurting world.

In 2011, they released their Nashville-produced debut album, opened for southern gospel group The Calvarymen, shared the stage with recording artists 33 Miles, and performed with Grammy-nominated guitarist Phil Keaggy.

CD Value 10 digital copies = $120

Learn more here (10 CDs available)

Online Dog Services

Communicate with your dogSpeak Doglish – Communicate With Your Dog

By Abbie Mood

1 spot in the Speak Doglish online dog training course coming in September!

You don’t want to be the ultimate commander over your pup, you want to work together to have a happy life together, right?

I have good news – Life with your dog can be easy. And I will help you get there.

A comprehensive 5 week online program (plus 1 bonus week!) where I will give you the ins and outs of everything dog from development, nutrition, and exercise to training theory, how to choose the best harness/collar/leash, how to travel with your dog, and (yes!) how to actually teach your dog basic skills using positive reinforcement strategies (think luring with treats vs. physically manipulating your dog into a sit).

Think of it as a Doggie 101 course + dog training skills + relationship building skills = an easy life with your favorite companion!

Session Value $97

Learn more here (1 program available)

Travel Services

Mantra Wild Adventures

By Reena Tory

2 x $250 voucher for a couple/2 persons) i.e. $500 off any 4/5 star product private tour listed on our website. All experiences are to India. Voucher valid till 1 July 2013.

Service Value $500

Learn more here (1 service available)

Local Services Offered

Exquisite Time Management (Austin)

By Antoon Group

I provide concierge and lifestyle management to people to allow them to turn their time into exquisite moments. I will provide concierge services to anyone out of the local Austin area or for those in the Austin area I will also provide personal services for 2 hours worth of time for any type of help you need.

Services value $300

Learn more here (1 program available)

Photography (New York)

By Tanzie Johnson

Headshot / Portrait Photo Shoot
(for 1 person)

2 Clothing Looks
Minimum of 200 images
Online Gallery Proofs
1 Retouched Image
Indoor/Outdoor Shoot
DVD of Session
Shoot lasts about 2 hours.

Services value $950

Learn more here (1 service available)

Janelle ElaineJanelle Elaine Photography (Marquette, MI)

By Janelle Elaine

One free portrait session (not including weddings/engagements) with up to 2 hours of coverage. You’ll receive disk of 20 digital negatives from your session to print and share as you please.

Service value $150

Learn more here (1 service available)


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