How to make your dreams come true

“Dreams”  Most of us love the word and BELIVE in the word and I think it’s fair to say that most if us here have a “dream”.
I ask many people what their dream actually is and some can answer directly and other (after mumble jumble) can answer. Although people generally seem not quite clear about what they want.  Perhaps it has something to do with the ‘fear’ of changing  and disappointing themselves?!
As a teenager I recall all those times I would add another cut out picture from a magazine or a newspaper to my ‘dreamy scrapbook’ that I was inspired to make after reading through so many self development books.
My understanding of ‘dreams’ was that it was/is something that was out of reach right now but something that you want & has a possibility of happening. I was taught so much about the mind set of dreaming my own dream(s) but an important KEY was missing… Mind set was everything for me, and I worked it well… I understood that there wasnt anything that I couldn’t do, be and have… But The KEY was still missing for that door that was right in front of me.
For Years I’ve been living through the ideals of all those books I’ve read. I got so used to ‘seeing’ my dream (in my head) that I forgot to SEE it in real life!
What dreams are made of?
What does it really take to actually LIVE out your dream? In my experience I have found myself in mindset land… It’s fun there… Wandering around, lazing under trees as I see my dream right before my own eyes. I love watching my dream. It’s fascinating! I think up of all the ‘how’s’ which barely make sense to me sometimes I would find myself stressing about the ‘how’s’ in dreamland. But my dream is there… In dreamy land I feel safe that it is there… I’m not entirely convinced that in ready to live up to those standards yet, I feel safe, I’m comfortable under my tree in the sunshine watching the great projection of my dream. The projection gets frustrating sometimes because you just feel like jumping in and living out that wild ride of your dreams… But I’m so comfortable here… I could stay just for a little while longer!
Do you really want to live your dream?
The above story really illustrates what is was like for me – my ‘dream’ – and I know many can relate. It’s comfortable there, right? You feel safe, but at the same time your dream is right before your own eyes, almost passing you by… But it’s nice to sit back and watch because the ‘how’s’ of it all freak you out way too much! I know you know where I’m going with this 😉 So lets cut to the chase and get some seriously direct answers happening here (but it was a nice story aye!?)
Question for you dearest….”Do you REALLY and I mean really want to live out your dreams?” if you jumped in and said “yes” straight up… search deeper… That’s too quick to answer such a big question, think of this question like answering “how would you like to change the world?” think about your dream…. What do you feel? Are you scared?  What random thoughts are rushing through your head? Now I want you to ask yourself – because this is between you and you not you and me, this is YOUR dream! Question “Do you really want to Live IN your dream?” 
Let me tell you what answering this question could potentially do for you (and if you have to go back and ask yourself again…. And again… And again…. Until you get your direct answer).
Do you BELIVE in magic? Not stage magic, but life MagicK? Do you ever wonder where or how on earth something happens in life? Well that’s magicK (magic with a ‘k’ defines magic from stage ‘magic’ to life ‘magick’). You’ll see a lot more of ‘Magick’ happen if you really say “yes” to living your dreams:
~ You’ll feel happy for no reason
~ You’ll wanna hug a stranger
~ Hug anyone!
~ You’ll feel that your cup is overflowing with so much good stuff!
~ You’ll be developing yourself at the speed of light (almost! 😉 )
~ You will look back on 2 weeks and think ‘my goodness I’ve come a long way!’
~ Those plus many more exciting, liberate rating and powerful moments in life.

Appreciate Life

What does a dream look like?
I’m going to be direct: dreams are shit scary! If you’re not feeling some fear then maybe you aren’t doing it right, not stepping fully into it? Dreams are busting through all those limiting beliefs that have held you back for way to long. It’s getting up from underneath that beautiful peaceful tree and jumping into icy cold water near by – its fun, liberating and a bit of a shock! It’s declaring that your life is to only be full of good stuff and even challenges are joyful! Living outside the square, you’ll feel judged, criticised  And pushed down – this is fuel to keep you going, see it like that! 
To be even more direct on what a dream looks like…. A dream looks like YOU! Seriously! Every characteristic you have, every body part you move and use, every moment in life, all your past ‘stuff’…. THIS, my dear friend, is what dreams are made of! YOU are THE DREAM! You have everything you need right now to live your dreamiest dreams… How exciting! Maybe you already ARE living your dreamy life you just haven’t taken the time to see it…?
Do not look external of yourself, because YOU have everything you need to live your dream life. And as you run this path you will find that things will fall into pace perfectly… Because you said “yes”….. YOU said “Yes!”
LIVE  your Dreamiest Dreams ~ BREATH your own air ~ GROW into your new life
Much Love & Support!
~ Tara Lea

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