It’s Important To Do What You Love

After a long search, ( and some disappointing interviews) it’s been my first week at my new job at REJUVENATE Sanctuary. To love my work is important to me, in fact it is a priority. I’ve already walked that road of hating and being frustrated with my job and co-workers,  and it has taken me a lot of introspection to realize what is most important to me: and that is to be happy, to share with others, and to do work that is meaningful to me.

Being the owner of a business, I had resisted working for someone else, but it became evident to me that working for someone else was exactly what I would have to do.

It’s taken a while, but I have realized that once I clear away my own crap and judgements, any work I do can be meaningful for me. Until I had this mindset, nothing went my way.

I had searched for a job for several months, and nothing seemed to work out, nothing that is….until this. With this job, everything flowed so effortlessly.

I saw the listing on Craigslist at 6am in the morning. It was the same morning where only a few hours earlier I had shouted to the Universe, “I will find a job!” I wasn’t asking, I was commanding the Universe. Something had changed within me, I knew I was different from any other day I had searched for a job.

Craigslist had been a source of bogus job offers, and job interviews that led nowhere. Some interviews would confirm me at 10am only to cancel me at 12. Other jobs would claim to be one thing, only to be something else. Still, I felt compelled to check Craigslist each day.

Something kept drawing me back, despite the bogus listings. I had a gut intuition about it.

When I saw this listing and I responded, I hoped that it was REAL. I held back however, from having too many expectations. Some bad business decisions combined with the fact that money that I had expected and counted on had not come into fruition. This had left me in a place of doubt and disappointment…..and feeling a little desperate about my financial situation.
My cash-flow had dwindled.

Company letters of, “Sorry the job didn’t work out but we chose someone else.” or no phone calls at all, had not done much for my self-esteem either.

So when I walked into REJUVENATE Sanctuary, I immediately felt both a calmness and an excitement. I knew that the job would be right for me. Have you ever felt an instant knowing?

The interview was no normal interview either, it was more of a chat, and it became not so much a chat about what can you do Patty? it was a chat about life, philosophy, and all things metaphysical.

There I was doing an Angel Card Reading and picking out a crystal from a ceramic dish on the coffee table at my “job interview”.

I felt an easy connection with the owner and with the business. As our chat winded down, she mentioned that she still had two other interviews and that she would let me know her decision by the end of the week.

I playfully told her that I hoped the other two candidates sucked! A piece of me meant it too, and I showed her where I had scribbled in my Moleskine notebook, “I want this job!”

Yes, I do believe in putting it out there to the Universe!  I love my little pocket carry along Moleskine.

She emailed me on Friday and asked if I could come for a second follow-up interview later that day. Of course I said yes. When I arrived she was talking with an advertising rep who took my arrival as his que to leave.  He assumed I was a client of hers.

This was when she informed him and ME that I was going to start working there only I did not know it yet!

When he left it was then that she told me how BOTH people who were supposed to interview completely flaked out. One never showed up, never emailed. The other called and said the hours would not work and so she wasn’t coming at all.

In that moment I saw how everything worked out as it should.

This week has left me with a feeling of such gratitude. I enjoy what I do. I’m stimulated by the interactions I have and in doing so, I share a piece of myself with others. Within this, my job has meaning!

Love what you do!

With Love and Fireworks,


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