Your period, Your superpower!

Ever since I can remember, as a young child, I loved watching cartoons. Wonder Woman was a favorite and all of the Marvel superheroes. Even today, as an adult, I fully admit that I love a good Sci-Fi movie.

I’ve always had an extremely colorful imagination and been intrigued by magical images. Yes, unicorns and secret passageways alike.

So you can imagine my total surprise and delight to discover that as a grown woman, I actually have those superpowers that I only dreamt of as a child.

In fact, all women do!

Stay with me…..

I’m raising the curtain. It’s magic time!

Why do I say that your period is your superpower?

In a nutshell, it’s because your menstrual cycle gives you access to laser sharp focus, powerful creativity and manifestation, and deep transformation that allows you to constantly reinvent yourself anew.

cramps, pms, bloating, mood swingsIf you’re a woman who suffers from painful periods, then you know that it can easily ruin your whole day with cramps, back pain, nausea, or migraines. If you’re someone who spends time with a woman who goes through this, then you also know that this isn’t just any other day, or week for that matter.

Experiencing these physiological shifts every month not only can put a damper on a woman’s mood, but every aspect of her life.

When the menstrual cycle is fully understood, these monthly shifts can be harnessed and channeled into real superpowers!

But chances are most women in the modern world are not aware of this approach as it’s not traditionally taught in schools as young girls and the ancient wisdom has not been passed down through the generations as it used to in the past.

The menstrual cycle has 4 main phases where you can tap into your superpowers!


The follicular phase represents the beginning of a new cycle, once a woman’s period has ended. Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) luteinizing hormone (LH) and estrogen start to rise and ripen the lucky egg that is going to mature and release during this cycle.
This hormonal occurrence promotes and stimulates new, expansive energy.

During this time, a woman might feel like she can do anything, and it’s because she probably can!

This is a time for BIG events and BOLD acts.

If you’re typically more introverted, take advantage of this time to step outside of your comfort zone and go with the hormonal flow that is on your side!

Here is a journaling activity to get you in touch with this superpower:

I didn’t think I could, but I’ve always wanted to ______.


Again, while varying for each woman, ovulation is approximately the midway point of her cycle. At this time, there is a surge of FSH, LH and estrogen as it reaches its threshold and releases the mature egg.

This hormonal spike heightens mental and emotional creativity.

Whatever ideas that may have been identified in the follicular phase can now continue to be nurtured and brought further into crystallized manifestation.

The dominant energy in this phase sustains projects. So if there’s a particular project where you’ve felt creatively stuck or stagnant, this a great time to get in flow with those creative juices and be more receptive to out-of-the box approaches.

During this time, many less creative women can tap fully into their innate ability to create!

Here is a journaling activity to get you in touch with this superpower:

I feel most creative when I am ______.

menstrual cramps, pms, period pain, bloating, migraines, mood swings, cravings3.) LUTEAL PHASE:

Just after ovulation, FSH, LH and estrogen start to decrease as progesterone starts to rise. This is known as the luteal phase and the hormonal increase of progesterone represents the beginning of the second half of the menstrual cycle.

Here is where women start to naturally want to shift and contract into a more inward state.

This is when women can start to retreat inwards, to let the power of reflection and introspection flow in their sacred space.

This a time to stick with less challenging tasks, and instead evaluate and reflect on perhaps the events and experiences of the first half of the cycle.

As a woman’s energy naturally draws in, she may have less tolerance and patience for the stimulation of the outer world. If pushed in an expansive and stimulating direction regardless, it can often be met with resistance or even argument because it’s going against a natural rhythm.

Here is a journaling activity to get you in touch with this superpower:

I feel most at peace when I have _____ and when I am ______.

menstrual cramps, pms, period pain, bloating, migraines, mood swings, cravings4.) MENSTRUATION PHASE:

Menstruation refers to the days that a woman actually gets her period. Progesterone is now decreasing and her body is getting ready to start anew.

While each woman has her own unique experience with her period and her body, in honoring the feminine cyclical nature, the first day of a woman’s period would ideally be a day of rest and slowing the pace down.

On average, women can have a period anywhere from 3 to 8 days. During these days, it’s a time for even greater introspection, and to let go of the demands of the outer world.

This is ideally a time for women to delegate and request for all the support possible, not as a sign of weakness, but as a means to tune into and synchronize with the natural ebb and flow of their body’s wisdom.

During menstruation, women also often have more active dreams. They may feel more sensitive and aware of fears or insecurities which as human beings, we can all experience. But this can be an opportunity to shine light on what is not always present in awareness, and then even potentially be transformed to empower oneself.

Powerful transformative superpowers are in effect during this time.

Your period marks a full cycle of death and rebirth.

Having the chance to renew, to be reborn each month and reinvent yourself is magical!

Here is a journaling activity to get you in touch with this superpower:

A repeating thought or feeling that does not serve me is ______.

I choose to release it and instead believe or feel ______.

Cycling through each of these natural phases and embracing the physiological and emotional changes that take place in a woman’s body can improve her entire quality of life!


If you find this article helpful, please share it with the special women in your life!


With love + gratitude,


Tisha Lin is the Creator of Pleasurable Periods, a blending of both science and spirituality that invites ease, connection and flow in a woman’s body and her life. She is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Tisha connects with women from all over the world, leads group programs, teaches workshops and hosts retreats. She believes deeply in creating community and change in the world through empowering women to embrace their cyclical nature. Together with her husband, she also owns the Akila Yoga Wellness Center in Panama.

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