Hello & Quick Intro

First of all thank you to the INspiration bloggers and LBG community for having me aboard.  It is a gift to be in the company of such beautiful, talented women.  I am grateful I volunteered at the Global Mala Event in Newark, NJ this year for many reasons and one of those reasons was meeting Terra Kroll.

This global peace event was held on a gorgeous day in September and to say it was powerful is an understatement.  Hundreds of people attended to raise awareness to the human condition and collectively transform the world to peace.  The day began with several inspirational speakers followed by a yoga practice which began with chanting 108 rounds of OM.  Next, participants were led by various teachers in a dedicational Surya Namaskar practice where everyone joined their breath and movements together in a meditation for peace.  It was exhilarating, exhausting, challenging and unforgettable.

I think I was on my second hour of yoga when I realized it was time for my scheduled chair massage (a terrible day of events, I know).  I left my terrific massage floating on a daisy in outer space.  La la laaaaaa…..I strolled down the row of vendors and spotted the LBG booth.  In my yogic haze as I approached the booth and made some small talk with the lovely woman selling her beautiful shirts.  I mentioned to her the irony that the name of my blog is “Cook Breathe Grow” and her response was quite kind and responsive, “You should write a post for us!”.  What a fantastic idea I thought and thanked her.  “My name is Tara”, I mentioned and yet another coincidence, so was hers.

So here I am!  I am a Natural Foods Chef, Yoga Instructor and Farmer in training 🙂 I look forward to sharing my knowledge and ideas in food with you all and at the very least inspire you to enjoy the art of simple food.  I would like to encourage you to view food as energy and realize that we vibrate as energetic beings based on what we feed ourselves (physically, emotionally, spiritually).  Moreover, “The way we eat determines the quality of our own health, it determines how we use the entire planet, and it determines our long term sustainability as a species”, states author J Morris Hicks. Well said Mr. Hicks!!!  It is essential that we all expand our definition of health from an individual perspective to a global perspective.  We can not separate the different entities of our world when it comes to our food systems and what we choose to feed ourselves and our families.  How can we call ourselves healthy if our animals, soil, water systems and plants are not healthy?  How did we get to a world of mass consumption, and how can we as humans begin to make small, simple changes that will trickle down and effect the greater good?  Here is my answer: begin with choosing what is on your own plate.



3 thoughts on “Hello & Quick Intro

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