Please join us for a unique workshop at Terra Sky Wellness Center in Summit……Image



Tara Bogota, Natural Foods Chef & Yoga Instructor
Sonia Lopez-Simpson, Certified Life Coach
Sunday, February 3, 2013

WHO WE ARE: We are a dynamic duo consisting of a Certified Life Coach and Natural Foods Chef whom are both Yoga Instructors. We want to empower women by helping them arrive at their “sweet spot” in order to bridge the heart, mind & body gap to be and feel complete, whole and full of love! We explore common female issues (body image/appearance, stress, weight loss, dealing with transition) and offer healing and personal growth through yogic perspectives, diet and spirituality.

WHAT WE ARE OFFERING: The stress of the holidays is over and now it is time to refocus our energy on ourselves: HOW WE WANT TO FEEL AND WHAT WE WANT TO ACCOMPLISH IN THE NEW YEAR! We believe that if we feel good, alive and healthy from the inside out, we become energetic magnets to attract that into our lives that we set out to achieve. Please join us for a unique workshop that explores what we feed ourselves on all levels; mentally, emotionally and physically and how you can work with energy in order to implement healthier habits that will create sustainable lifetime results.

How to vibrate at a higher level of energy so that you become a master at manifesting
What types of messages you are unconsciously broadcasting to others and how to mindfully raise this energy so that you are living in balance with positive energy
How the chakras combine with food and energy to nourish our bodies and correct imbalances
Specific foods and recipes to help chakra imbalances
Develop greater awareness of body image and learn healthy habits
Learn how to raise your confidence, inner peace and clarity through breathing
Self empowerment tools for the New Year


Tara Bogota is a Natural Foods Chef and Yoga Instructor whose mantra is supporting organic, seasonal and sustainable agriculture. In 2012 she spent six months working on organic farms and vineyards in New Zealand which completely changed her life on many levels and her outlook on food systems. After spending many years in kitchens, Tara has recently shifted her energy to teaching, farming and writing. She is also the co-creator and educator of the Sustainable Weight loss Program at Terra Sky.

Sonia Lopez Simpson is a certified Life & Transition Coach and Master Practitioner in the Core Energy process. A process that shifts clients’ old beliefs and habits and moves them forward in ways they have never experienced before. Sonia’s clients experience increased sense of purpose, clarity, joy, inner peace, improved relationships, fulfillment and most importantly she teaches clients how to become positive energy magnets to attract and manifest all that they wish for!

When: Sunday, February 3 , 2013

Where: Terra Sky Wellness Center, Summit, NJ
Time: 2:00-4:00 pm
Investment: $45

REGISTER AT: or please call 908-277-1222 for further information.


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