LBG WARRIOR Goes to Canada and Jenny’s Story

Live. Breathe. Grow is proud to announce that there will be a LBG Warrior Project Canada! Several events will be hosted in Newfoundland in support of this endeavor where tees will be available for purchase.  All proceeds (all profit after the cost of production) from these events’. T-shirt sales will be donated to a local Newfoundlander currently battling cancer. The LBG Warrior Canada team has chosen Jennifer Eveleigh to be the recipient of this year’s donation. Please take a moment and read about Jennifer’s battle with breast cancer.

photo copy 2Jennifer Eveleigh, or Jenny as her friends call her, is a single woman from Hampden, Newfoundland who six months ago, at just 35 years old discovered a lump on her breast. Tests very quickly revealed that she had breast cancer and she was thrown into a whirlwind of doctor appointments and life changing decisions. At the time of her diagnosis, Jenny was three years into her teaching degree at university while working part-time to help pay her way through school. Jenny has had to subsequently put her studies and work on hold over the last six months and will not be able to continue her education until she is well enough, but vows to return as soon as she can.

photoOver the last six months, she has started her chemotherapy treatments in Corner Brook. The treatments have left her very weak and ill at times, but her ever present positive attitude has helped her through each one and will help her prepare for the coming journey. She also has an amazing family and network of friends to help guide her through this journey. She refers to them as her guardian angels.

photo (1)


Jenny is very active in her community. She volunteers to teach school children how to figure skate and play volleyball. She also participates in the yearly children’s Wish Foundation Walkathon. Even through her illness, Jenny is thinking of and working to help others. Earlier this month she formed a team and participated in the annual CIBC Run for the Cure for Breast Cancer. Jenny’s team won the Friends & Family Team Challenge Award for the highest fundraising team. They raised an amazing $6,700!! Even though she is in the midst of her own battle, she is actively raising awareness and funds to help fight this dreaded disease.

Over the past six months, Jenny has had to make some very difficult decisions about her treatment and the direction of her life. Perhaps the most courageous decision she has made is to have both of her breasts removed. She enters the hospital in Corner Brook tomorrow (October 23rd) to have that surgery and in November will be traveling to St. John’s to complete her radiation treatments. Jenny is truly a courageous “Warrior”.


18 thoughts on “LBG WARRIOR Goes to Canada and Jenny’s Story

  1. I could never be more proud to call this AMAZING woman friend. She is a testiment of strength, a positive attitude and an abundance of love for anyone who ever comes in contact with her. To know Jenny is giving back and helping all while she is battling this is no suprise to anyone who knows her…its who she is. She may have a team of angels, but she is the true Angel in the lead. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers …she will win this battle .. And has become an inspiration to many in the process.

    • So true, I am proud to say that I’m a part of her family. She is an inspiration to us all. If we all have her strength and courage in times of despair we would be ok. We “I” love you and will be there for you for the rest of your journey. Keep positive you’ll beat this!!!

  2. There are people who come into your life who brighten every dark sky in your life and fill it with sunshine and fun, jenn is that sunshine . I met jenn about 11years ago,we worked at the same airline and from then on we became great friends. I was devastated about her diagnosis because I have gone through cancer two years prior with my wife and but I know that support and love from family and friends makes any journey with cancer seem a little easier .She is a person who I adore and admire for the person she is and I know without a doubt she will overcome this battle with poise and determination.She is my darling friend who I love and jenn I leave you with a title of a Christian song by Ray Boltz it’s called the anchor holds and it tells that through any storm as long as you anchor with god you will get through even though your sails
    may be battered. Take care and I love you brat! Xoxo

  3. I am so proud to call her my niece and to say I was a part of Jenny’s Angels ..she inspires me and a lot of others everyday with her courage and positive attitude. We all love her so much and will walk the remainder of this journey by her side!!

  4. you are one of the strongest girls i know i wish nothing but the best for you and we will catch up when u come to st johns.. loves ya

  5. Wow! Saw this link on Mel’s page and never thought it would be about anyone I even remotely knew! Keep up the fight, Jenny!!! You are a brave woman!!

  6. Congratulations on being the PWP Canada award winner, Jennifer. We are thinking of you as you battle this awful disease. We certainly admire you and your positive attitude. The angels are watching over you and will keep you safe as your treatments start in November. My mom’s twin sister had breast cancer at age 37 and lived to be 82…wish you the same good luck. xoxo

  7. Jenny you are such a strong and couageous woman,,,,we wish you all the best in your recovery,,,,,,there are so many family members and friends praying for you, stay positive jenny, you are such an inspiration to all.

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