Drumroll Please…

Thank you so much to everyone for joining us in our search for the perfect Mantra for our new tee!

We have exciting news! Yes…one person who entered WILL receive the $100 gift certificate!


Every one of you will be receiving a coupon code to not only purchase this tee at 40% off

BUT you will ALSO be receiving a FREE TEE in addition (chosen by LBG) when you make your purchase!

The reason you ask…. not just because we love you and you know I LOVE to give away tees…

But because all of your entries were so beautiful that I decided to blend them together with some words of my own

to create our new:

Tranquili-Tee Mantra!!!

So congratulations to CLAIRE ALLEN for naming our new tee and receiving the $100 GC!

And special thanks and recognition to all of you…

together we wrote this:

                                              OUR TRANQUILI-TEE MANTRA

                                                                          Light as a feather

Tranquili-TeeWeightless grace

Dancing, floating

Taking flight

Cultivating peace

Infinite possibilities

Pure truth

 I am Tranquil

I am Enlightened

I am Free


I will be sending FB messages to each of you. This message will hold a coupon code that, when used, will provide you with a 40% discount at purchase and will alert us to send your free tee!

Our Tranquili-Tee will be available for pre-order tomorrow morning 🙂




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