My Heart on My Sleeve….

I see only beautyI have been inspired by a recent Facebook Article/Post that I saw a few weeks ago. It had pictures of people who tattooed quotes or important dates, people’s names etc. on the inside of their forearms. It reminded me of so many times writing quotes and mantras on the palm of my hand before in an effort to visually remind myself of the lesson I was trying to learn or the thoughts and practices I wanted to bring into my life. I even created a Little Black Dress for Live. Breathe. Grow. that had the word “Itegrity” scribed across the wrist in the same vein.

So today I start “My Heart on My Sleeve”…a new twist on an old idea. New for ME! Maybe you have done this before…maybe you will want to join me? I do not promise to do it every day. I have challenged myself to do things like this before. Although I do believe there is much value in discipline such as this…I want to be absolutely authentic in this pursuit. I don’t want to think “oh no I have to come up with something today because I said I would”…and then go to google to search for something.

I want it to COME FROM THE HEART…like today’s:


Lately I have been feeling the effects of a loooooong cold winter and it has been difficult to see beauty around me. I see bare trees, yellow grass and frozen ground. The cold has kept me inside more than I would like…and then that trickles down to everything else. When Spring comes and the sun is out and things are growing a blossoming it is easier to see BEAUTY! SO today I will only see beauty…in my surroundings, the people in my life… everywhere I look!

I am sure my heart will have lots more to say…I just have to get back to listening! See…since giving birth to my little baby girl 10 months ago…there are a lot of other things I have been thinking, hearing, listening to…and not a lot of quiet at all! SO…this project for me is to stay true to the Live. Breathe. Grow. manifesto… “go inside to find my guide”… I will get busy listening to what is there for me to hear…

And then…I will write it on my “sleeve”

markersAre you with me? If you are a “school supply” geek like me…Get out your beautiful set of colored markers! Or just grab the first pen you see. You may be an artist and can create a work of art on your arm…or you may be “penmanshiply” challenged like me!!! Listen to your heart and write it on your sleeve! If you like…share it with me by posting on our Facebook Page or Instagram! Or just comment here if you would like to chat about it!

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