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Nancy Buckle, LBG Co-owner & Yoga Guide

Nancy (nancybuckle)

Nancy Buckle grew up in Newfoundland, Canada. She has an MEd. in Counseling and is also a Registered Yoga Teacher. Nancy has always had a deep interest in helping people grow. After teaching Yoga for some time, she developed the LBG® concept for inspired wear with hand-drawn designs. Nancy works alongside LBG’s Goddess of Design, Amanda Gosse, to ensure the message is communicated both visually and verbally.  Her tireless energy, heart and soul shines through every facet of Live. Breathe. Grow.®. I LIVE as a loving wife, friend and business owner in Woodbridge, NJ. I BREATHE peace and passion through my yoga practice – both as a teacher and student. I GROW by approaching every day with a sense of wonder and enthusiasm for new discoveries and adventures!

Tara Bogota

Tara Bogota (tbogota)

Tara is a Natural Foods Chef, Yoga Instructor and Farmer in training whose mantra is supporting local, seasonal, sustainable and organic agriculture. Her aim is to establish connection and meaning behind the food we cultivate and consume in a healthful way ant transform yogic practices from our mats, onto our plates and into our daily lives.

In 2012, she was fortunate to spend six months working on organic farms and vineyards in beautiful New Zealand.  The experience completely changed her life on many levels and her outlook on food systems.  After her travels, her plans were to move back to San Diego (where she lived for 10 years) but much to her surprise LOVE brought her back to her home state of NJ.  After spending many years in kitchens, Tara has recently shifted her energy to teaching, farming and writing. She feels blessed to be able to express herself doing work that she believes in and loves.  You can visit Tara’s website at

I LIVE to help, create, share, love, and experience. I BREATHE with consciousness, awareness and gratitude. I GROW organic vegetables.

Corinne (Blue Butterfly Ink)

Corinne Casella

Corinne Casella was born and raised in New Jersey and now resides along the banks of the Hudson in Jersey City.  She is a freelance writer & editor with over seven years of professional experience. She has been practicing yoga for almost 10 years and still considers herself a beginner, always learning and evolving from her practice. Her belief in the transformative power of yoga led her to get involved with LBG. Combining writing and yoga seems to be a logical step, because if anything can bring about change in a world as large as ours, it’s through our open hearts and our pens. I LIVE as a writer, daughter, friend and constant student I BREATHE in the power of love, nature, music and the universe. I GROW by seeing every wave of life as a lesson and embracing both the ebb and the flow


(Lauren (centeryourhealth)

Lauren Forney

Lauren Forney is a Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Registered Yoga Teacher based in Red Bank, NJ.  Passionate about healthy eating, Lauren helps others learn to make consistently wise choices regarding their nutrition and overall well-being.  As a Registered Yoga Teacher, she combines this knowledge into her health counseling by providing simple actions people can adapt into their everyday lives.  True health does not just involve one side of the equation; consequently, by combining healthy eating, a positive attitude, and regular exercise, a balanced lifestyle will result.  Lauren is also the corporate wellness director and yoga instructor for Amscan, Inc.  By educating and promoting a culture of health within the workplace, Lauren supports the well-being of over 300 employees on-site and over 700 nationwide.  For more information on Lauren please visit   I LIVE as an artsy, music-loving yogini and holistic health coach in Red Bank, NJ. I BREATHE goodness in and out, think positive thoughts and smile a lot. I GROW through constant inspiration from the beautiful world surrounding me.


Tisha Lin

Tisha Lin is the Creator of Pleasurable Periods®, a blending of both science and spirituality that invites ease, connection and flow in a woman’s body and her life.  She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach who guides and empowers women in understanding the important role of hormonal harmony, menstrual and fertility health and overall well being. Tisha believes that a woman’s life force lives in her womb and every woman deserves to understand her body and her period on an intimate level where she feels comfortable, confident and empowered. Tisha grew up predominantly in New Jersey, then lived in New York City for many years until reaching a life changing moment and packing it all up to move down to the tropics! She currently resides in Panama with her beloved husband and together they own the Akila Yoga Wellness Center.  Tisha connects with women from all over the world, leads group programs, teaches workshops and hosts retreats. She believes deeply in creating community and sisterhood through the art of passionate service. Please visit her at Pleasurable Periods. I LIVE to be the most authentic, gracefully empowered woman that I can be. I BREATHE in and exhale out love, gratitude, compassion, humility and Oneness.  I GROWwith each blessed day along this journey of life, that twists and turns, always presenting me with an opportunity to learn.

Tara (CoachTaraLea)

Tara Lea

Tara is a Power Guidance Coach for inspired women wanting to take their life to the next level. Tara guides women on how to find, reclaim and use their natural and authentic woman power to create a purposeful & passionate life that they adore!

Mumma to 2 free spirit kiddies (& 1 dog) and lover to her soul mate, they live the life of freedom (joys, challenges, losses, love, kindness & bliss) traveling around Australia full time with their 4wd & camper trailer. Tara is also the author of two blogs, Tara’s Power Blog and the   Freedom Family Travel Blog.   I LIVE by living in my full potential & helping other women do the same all while still being a loving Mumma and a soulmate! I BREATHE in life just as it is with allowance of lots of change – oh and I LOVE fresh air too! I GROW into who I am more so each and everyday & allow lots of room for transformation!

Amanda (Vogue Yogini)

Amanda Niznik

Amanda Niznik is  the Vogue Yogini, a recovering social butterfly and self-admitted shoe fanatic. Armed with a B.A. in English and a passion for people, Amanda lives for spreading the word of yoga, frugal fashion, and healthful food. In October, 2010, She began a 268-RYT Power Vinyasa Flow program. Vogue Yogini was born as an experiment in her endeavor to find balance during that program – to live the yogic life and still let herself be somewhat obsessed with shoes (because a mild shoe obsession is harmless even in the face of aparigraha, right?). Happily, Amanda survived YTT, quit my full-time job to teach yoga, and still consider a good Bloomingdale’s sale comparable to the second coming of the messiah. You can find her teaching at her  favorite yoga studio, serving as a volunteer for the Travis Manion Foundation, and hanging with the love of her life who she lovingly refer to as “The Big Guy.”  I LIVE to serve. I BREATHE and remember that this very moment is when life is happening. I GROW through every interaction I have with the blessings whom I call friends. I INSPIRE by striving to lead with my heart.

Patty Sherry

Patty Sherry

Patty Sherry is a motivational speaker, business owner, and founder of the inspirational blog Share Your Love Story. She is most passionate about helping people to re-discover their Self-love, improve their relationships, and deal with their life’s challenges.

Patty is also a coffee geek and passionate foodie. She loves finding healthy and tasty recipes to cook, and has an affinity for all things spicy. She insists on grinding her coffee beans, and is always on the lookout for a great coffee shop! She believes in nourishing her body, mind, and spirit and enjoys doing Hot Yoga, Pilates, and power walking, as well as spending time with a good book out in nature feeding the critters: ducks, squirrels, and birds. I LIVE as a friend, lover, passionate woman, playful child, curious optimist/realist, enjoying all that life unfolds before me. I BREATHE in and out, to nourish my body and my soul- to soothe, to transform, to feel fully alive! I GROW through each person I meet, each book that I read, each word that I write, each experience I have, each day that I live.


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