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Peace Within

Peace Within

It’s summer and if you’re a live music junkie like myself, that means the start of festival season. For me it was always a coming¬†home to a part of myself that was forced to lay in wait for most of the year. It represented the easy-breezy life of freedom, nowhere to be and no One … Continue reading

What Does Weight Have to Do With It?

What Does Weight Have to Do With It?

After another fight with my scale that ended in frustrated tears, I realized that I have been on a diet for almost 20 years. The diets have taken on various forms of adaptations but the fact remains that I have been trying to change my shape for two decades. Ever since I was a child … Continue reading

Becoming My Own Guru

Becoming My Own Guru

A couple months ago I began to feel disconnected, unfulfilled. Something was missing that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I looked into my job, my relationships, my family, etc. Then I finally looked into myself, where of course the answer lay. I was longing for something more. A deeper understanding of yoga and … Continue reading

Let Life Flow

Over the past several months an internal war has been raging inside me. The kind of war that starts out small and somehow snowballs into something that we cannot escape from. My present worry companion has been that of change, my constant foe. Change and I have always had a love/hate relationship. While one part … Continue reading

The Yang of Yoga

For years I believed that men and yoga did not as a rule seem to flow in the same circles. As time and my practice marched on I saw how untrue that belief was. I’ve encountered many dedicated male yogis over the years, but it’s still rare to see more than two in a class … Continue reading

The Universality of Love

Relationships can be tricky. They demand so much of our emotional thought processes. Even in the best of times they can seem to overshadow other parts of our lives. Yet they are important for our well-being. ¬†We all crave a partner of some kind, whether it be physical, romantic or both. Humans are proven to … Continue reading

Women Warriors

Perhaps stupidly I decided to challenge myself with a more advanced Ashtanga class after a few months of not practicing. Suffice it to say I was struggling to keep up. I found myself in a very physically demanding situation, with my brain and emotions doing their best to catch up. I broke several poses, rested … Continue reading

The Yoga of Friendship

Recently I was reminded how important friendships can be in our lives. Often times our friends become a family of our own choosing. Their triumphs and failures become ours, we laugh and we cry right alongside them. This connection seems even more pronounced when it comes to female relationships. A male friend of mine said … Continue reading

The Transitions of Growing Up

Recently I am reminded that for every ending there is a beginning. As I age another year and my parents retire and sell my childhood home, I am forced to let go of the past and embrace the Unknown. Packing up all the stuff I had collected and saved for over 28 years, I realize … Continue reading

A Novice’s Journey Into The Self

Who am I you might ask to be writing about spirituality? Am I a devout Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or Christian? Nope. Do I meditate every moment and spread Zen love wherever I go? Not exactly. Do I study theology or have a history of religious practice? No. So I have no credentials and I’m no … Continue reading