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…fight for a Cure

…fight for a Cure

That’s right, I said fight. FIGHT for a cure- a cure that will keep our loved ones from dying far too young, and suffering through precious days of their lives. I’ve been struggling with this Susan G. Komen scandal. I’m an avid Facebook poster and lurker, I read lots of articles pertaining to the stand … Continue reading

Pink Warrior- My Mom, Judy

In 2002 I found out my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. As we sat on my bed she discussed the options, treatments, possibilities, and countless other things I wasn’t listening to her say- and I faded out on the conversation and into the life of the strongest most independent woman I’d ever known. I … Continue reading

Balance, Love, and Yoga

Through our long journey on this earth we are faced with mountains to climb, hurdles to clear, and cross roads that will lead us down one path or another. We’ll walk tightropes through careers and bend over backwards to get our families, and loved ones, onto their proper paths… and through all of this, we … Continue reading