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Your period, Your superpower!

Ever since I can remember, as a young child, I loved watching cartoons. Wonder Woman was a favorite and all of the Marvel superheroes. Even today, as an adult, I fully admit that I love a good Sci-Fi movie. I’ve always had an extremely colorful imagination and been intrigued by magical images. Yes, unicorns and … Continue reading

Terra: Day 22

I plowed through days 1-15 with excitement and vigor. Then somewhere around days 14-19 I got hit by the yoga truck. Exhausted. Sore. Defeated. Due to a family emergency, I missed Days 20-21. Rest and respite filled with guilt over not making it to a hot yoga class. Day 22 at Hot Yoga Revolution, with Erica … Continue reading

Nancy: Week 2 (a little late)

Hello Everyone! It is amazing how one day I am feeling really on top of my writing and then suddenly it is a week and a half later and I haven’t written a thing! So I have a lot to update you all on…Currently I am at Day 19 but today I want to focus … Continue reading

Terra’s Challenge: Day 12

It’s day 12 and I am feeling pretty sore. Yesterday, I was also sore. I had to force myself to go to the 9:30am class at Hot & Soul Yoga and getting there wasn’t easy. It actually crossed my mind to just simply say  I went to my am class without actually going. A very … Continue reading

Nancy: Week One!

Day 1: Hot Yoga Revolution in Garwood (7:45pm Beginner) with Erica Jung First day = night class! This  was so not in my plan. It was definitely a challenge to practice at night but I made it through – priving to myself that even if I miss a morning class I can always get to … Continue reading

Nancy: Day 6…some realizations!

Hello Everyone! Guess what? It’s Day 6 and I am still here! Doesn’t sound that impressive? Well my hamstrings and shoulders beg to differ! It’s been an interesting week…full of ups and down. I am going to start this blog by just putting it out there – my big lesson that I learned this week…loud … Continue reading