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Be Your Own Guru

Be Your Own Guru: Asana, Alignment, Pranayama and Philosophy. Join the women of LBG for a 6-week Series, Thursdays from 6-8pm beginning January 26, 2012. As part the Live. Breathe. Grow. Method, this series will deepen your knowledge of Asana and Alignment.¬†¬†Explore fundamental alignment principals and see how they relate to an individual’s unique conditions. … Continue reading

The Kleshas

KLESHAS (Afflictions of mind)¬† A klesha is any thought that throws you off balance, disrupts your peace of mind, ruins your composure. When you get one, like the Pied Piper you follow it, and you don’t know you’re in trouble. To avoid getting swept away, you must learn to identify a klesha as one enters … Continue reading