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Your period, Your superpower!

Ever since I can remember, as a young child, I loved watching cartoons. Wonder Woman was a favorite and all of the Marvel superheroes. Even today, as an adult, I fully admit that I love a good Sci-Fi movie. I’ve always had an extremely colorful imagination and been intrigued by magical images. Yes, unicorns and … Continue reading

Stiff neck frustration

As I type here right now, I may as well have one of those huge white neck braces on because I can barely turn my head.  I woke up with a MAJOR stiff neck.  I can easily turn to the left, but forget about turning to the right.  I have to move with my whole … Continue reading

Cup of Tea with Your Thoughts

We all know we choose our thoughts right? Ok – I know that sometimes it feels like they choose us. But we actually DO have the power to choose our thoughts. We can invite them in or lock the door and keep them out. If we think of our mind like a house – our … Continue reading