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So You Think You’ve Missed Your Opportunity?

So You Think You’ve Missed Your Opportunity?

written by: Patty Sherry   So you think you’ve missed your opportunity; maybe your ship will never come in… Or there will never be anyone else quite like her or him. Failed relationships can be so hard. Maybe you’ve missed your chance. Time seems to be passing you by, and living that dream appears it … Continue reading

Life Without Sushi?

Since attending IIN, each year in March/April I do a 30 Day Vegan challenge. I usually do it with my 2 other healthy chicks, from 3 Healthy Chicks, Jill and Lauren (we all met at IIN). It’s not really much of a challenge for them considering they’re 100% and 99% vegan respectively.  I guess I just … Continue reading

Terra: Day 22

I plowed through days 1-15 with excitement and vigor. Then somewhere around days 14-19 I got hit by the yoga truck. Exhausted. Sore. Defeated. Due to a family emergency, I missed Days 20-21. Rest and respite filled with guilt over not making it to a hot yoga class. Day 22 at Hot Yoga Revolution, with Erica … Continue reading