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Please join us for a unique workshop at Terra Sky Wellness Center in Summit…… MAKING THE MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT CONNECTION FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH with: Tara Bogota, Natural Foods Chef & Yoga InstructorSonia Lopez-Simpson, Certified Life CoachSunday, February 3, 2013 WHO WE ARE: We are a dynamic duo consisting of a Certified Life Coach and Natural … Continue reading

An Uncomfortable Lesson in Slowing Down

Back on an August late Saturday morning, I was driving north on Route 18.  Speed limit is a strict 65mph on Route 18, but there is this one spot as you get further north where it shifts down to 55mph.  I was cruising 75mph (already going over speed limit) but knew that shift was ahead, … Continue reading

Confessions of a Perfect Period

Confessions of a Perfect Period

I confess. I’ve tried to “perfect” my period. As a “recovering perfectionist”  I’ve reflected a great deal on my perfectionist tendencies and how they’ve affected my health and my life. In short, the effect has been one of greater negative than positive outcome. The tricky part about perfectionism is that it can sneak up on … Continue reading

What may surprise you about your hormones + healthy period!

What may surprise you about your hormones + healthy period!

Talking about periods has been taboo for far too long…. Another taboo topic is sex. “Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me…” But, first let’s talk about hormones! Having at least basic understanding of your hormones is fundamental in understanding your period and certainly invites more pleasure into your body and life! … Continue reading

Remembering to Breathe

I’m having a baby. Very soon. Since learning the exciting news nine months ago, I’ve read virtually the entire pregnancy-related canon, among numerous others I’d been “meaning” to check of my list (like Bright Lights, Big Ass for the third time – I love you, Jen Lancaster). I redecorated my house 

Life Without Sushi?

Since attending IIN, each year in March/April I do a 30 Day Vegan challenge. I usually do it with my 2 other healthy chicks, from 3 Healthy Chicks, Jill and Lauren (we all met at IIN). It’s not really much of a challenge for them considering they’re 100% and 99% vegan respectively.  I guess I just … Continue reading

The Yang of Yoga

For years I believed that men and yoga did not as a rule seem to flow in the same circles. As time and my practice marched on I saw how untrue that belief was. I’ve encountered many dedicated male yogis over the years, but it’s still rare to see more than two in a class … Continue reading

A Novice’s Journey Into The Self

Who am I you might ask to be writing about spirituality? Am I a devout Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or Christian? Nope. Do I meditate every moment and spread Zen love wherever I go? Not exactly. Do I study theology or have a history of religious practice? No. So I have no credentials and I’m no … Continue reading